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Re: Final Cut Pro X Pro Users Only??

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Bill Davis
Re: Final Cut Pro X Pro Users Only??
on Apr 13, 2011 at 9:55:20 am

Just to keep the record straight, at the show last night, it was VERY CLEARLY stated, that FCPX has keystroke equivelents for ALL editing commands. There was nothing said about the software being in any way shape or form any more "mouse centric" as an editing tool, and, in fact they spoke directly against that idea.

Whatever else you think, this was a room of 1500+ people who largely make their living editing video. Virtually all of them were registered owners of $1000 worth of pro level editing software represented by FCP. I know a lot of people came interested, concerned, even worried about what the announcement would mean to their careers and professional prospects.

In the very beginning, I watched and listened as the crowd was clearly hesitant. But literally by about 20 minutes into the show, the crowd not only defrosted, but started to literally applaud and cheer as feature after feature was revealed (along with the reasoning behind the approach that the team at Apple had taken.

I talked to a LOT of people afterward. And while there are certainly many questions still to be answered, the Apple team made it abundantly clear that they had NOT had any interest in making FCP any less PRO or any less a tool for professional editing. They simply realized that there needed to be a wholesale re-write from the core upward of the software in order to take advantage of a vast array of new capabilities and possibilities that have resulted from so many changes in Mac and MacOS architecture. And from my spot in the crowd, they made a VERY compelling case that they've done just that

The last half of the show was largely ooahs, aahs, and extremely enthusiastic applause (even literal cheering!) as Apple revealed feature after feature that none of us had EVER seen implemented in quite this way in editing software before.

This was NOT a pushover crowd. It was NOT simply a room of Apple fanboys. It was working editors and content creators just like me.

Still questions? Of course. But while it's cute shortcut to call something iMovie Pro - only a dunderhead would see what I saw last night and reduce it to something that trivial.

And finally, regarding the price point. Understand that the App store infastructure functionally changes EVERYTHING about software distribution. No boxes, no warehouse flooring charges, no transportation costs, etc, etc, etc. You click, and $300 smackers drops nearly directly to Apple's bottom line nearly instantaneously.

Ask anyone in supply chain management what that really means. It's a TOTAL game changer in business models. And ONE company figured that out how to make that work before anyone else.

Like it or not, Apple is simply playing the business game at a whole different level than most companies.

Some will pick, and kick and resist. And yes, for some people with some business plans and some specific needs, this will NOT work the way they want it to. Sorry.

But I saw something that can make my professional life a whole lot EASIER - with state of the art tools in combinations and executions that will let me do more, more simply - than I can now.

I couldn't be more excited to get it on my machine. And to start using what I saw to make better videos more easily. Because that's EXACTLY what I saw on that stage last night.

End of story.

"Before speaking out ask yourself whether your words are true, whether they are respectful and whether they are needed in our civil discussions."-Justice O'Conner

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