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Re: Apple Insider says FCP 8 was DONE when they killed it? WOW.

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Aindreas Gallagher
Re: Apple Insider says FCP 8 was DONE when they killed it? WOW.
on Dec 2, 2011 at 12:42:44 pm

God Bill, you kill me, you really do

[Bill Davis] "And difference is, by definition, exceptional. "
you need to look up the old dictionary there Bill, because that definition really is amazingly wrong.

Annywaaay, where were we,

[Bill Davis] "You may HATE that difference. But that could possibly be your own overly-turgid thinking in play, sir."
No, I'm just of the opinion that it is poorly crafted software, made for the wrong reasons.

[Bill Davis] "If it was ORDINARY - like it's four major competitors - it couldn't possibly make anyone so angry. "
Hahahaha. No, dearest bill, but if it was somewhat crappy in execution and filled to brim with useless, reductive timeline metaphors, It sure could annoy a few people.

[Bill Davis] "The difficult truth for you is that I, as well as an increasingly large number of others, find the problems that you are so incensed about to be other than "mission critical." "
Oh its a harsh truth Bill - you and the other enlightened souls evangelising this software are unconcerned with the old let me see what did I cite again..

Its buggy, bloated, its undo's are unstable, the project file mutates in size at a whim, large projects are a no-no, the colour corrector is a joke, the plug-in architecture is brain damaged.

sure whaaat? would any of that stuff be mission critical? unstable undo, mutating project crippling project file size?

you kill me, Bill, I swear.

[Bill Davis] "They would only be worth getting so incredibly pissed about if all editors had the same needs and wants. "
who wants to undo? or have a stable project file? Who needs all that old fashioned nineteenth century horse drawn cart obselete functionality? I'll tell you who Bill - its those evil royal editors in their gilded cages of high level employment - you know the ones Bill, we've whispered about this before - the evil twenty thousand so-called professionals working in documentary drama and film. Its those romanovs Bill - they're the only ones who care.

We'll get them some day Bill, you me and the woman cutting her vet practise ad in FCPX when it doesn't crash, fail playback or grind to a halt. You me and her Bill - we are going to change the world with FCPX - WE WILL MAKE IT ANEW.

sorry - lost the run of myself there a little - where were we...

[Bill Davis] "
If your view holds sway, then people like me are just absolute idiots who willingly face the constant plague of disasters — day in and day out — and yet are simply too stupid to notice them. "

I'm afraid to say anything here.

[Bill Davis] "And your real problem, Andreas, is that even if every single thing you allege is true, FCP-X with the resources behind it still has every chance of turning out to be the SeaBiscuit of NLEs - the dismissed runt thats too small, too ill-bred, not "pedigreed" enough for the editing "country club" set "

This is where I fell off the chair laughing - so.. then,,, to translate Bill - what you are saying is that even if I'm right, and FCPX is a poorly conceived badly executed crock of software - it will and should win because of the brutish power of Apple, and that the ends will justify the means because it will get at the hated "Editing Country Club crowd"

COUNTRY CLUB CROWD? who are you - Rodney Dangerfield??? Were you beaten up by a professional editor as a child Bill? you really have some issues here - its ok if you need to talk about that, really it is.

God almighty...

[Bill Davis] "given this "perception gulf" between your view and mine, it appears that either I'm a complete idiot and extremely shortsighted - or YOU are."

Bill, that right there? that is you, nail and head.
promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics

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