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Re: Will Apple abandon pro-users all together?

COW Forums : Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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Aindreas GallagherRe: Will Apple abandon pro-users all together?
by on Dec 1, 2011 at 12:56:16 am

look bill, relative to this debate forum, my reply is that this is bad software made for the wrong reasons.

Histrionic defences of epochal change in technology and social organisation do not alter that fact.

[Bill Davis] "And next to them you'll find a camcorder. A TV set. And a laptop computer that shipped with free editing software.

If you can't see the change represented by that - you might explore whether you possibly have some "Industry-insider" blinders on.

I see the the same things Bill - but I'm not going ga-ga over it. As I said - you're proposing the same kind of casual skills usage popularised by the desktop publishing explosion. Anyone could make a badly designed flier as a result, now they can make a badly produced ad for the dog kennel, as I believe your original example posited. Good luck to them. Thats fine - it allows them to make low utility stuff that they would have had to pay for - that's dandy.

On the other hand you have the british director of... monsters was it called? pushed the whole thing out of the adobe suite. Got enormous acclaim and attention. And this after an astonishing track record with the beeb pushing out unbelievable post for historical docos.

So those are two things bill right - they are both dependent on transformative tool dissemination change. means, price and processing power.

my point is that we have seen this, in a very measurable way, before. People disinterested with typography remained disinterested by typography thirty years later. Kerning is not tabloid conversation. This is a craft Bill - I need to get this through to you. common society is not going to explode in a napalm fire of excitement at the sight of three point editing - even if apple has made a morons special mittens versions of it in X.
they could care less Bill - they have other things to do. In point of fact, a certain thrust of this argument almost has a weird form of craft narcissism to it.

What I find quite seriously annoying in the FCPX debate is the exceptionalism applied to this software - its just bad software bill. Its buggy, bloated, its undo's are unstable, the project file mutates in size at a whim, large projects are a no-no, the colour corrector is a joke, the plug-in architecture is brain damaged.

And yet people surround this software with grand transformative arguments that it does in no way deserve.

This just isn't particularly good software Bill, and in order to effect it, Apple had to kill an awful lot of very good software.

[Bill Davis] "
But the huge change is the human expectation of ***access***

seriously? - and i'm getting snarky - but seriously - what? Its just editing software Bill - badly conceived and executed editing software.

It's not the singularity.
promo producer/editor.grading/motion graphics

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