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Re: FCPX metadata--how significant is it? And why?

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Bill Davis
Re: FCPX metadata--how significant is it? And why?
on Nov 16, 2011 at 6:58:39 pm

[Chris Harlan] "Why do you think I can't do "find whatever" in FCP 7? AND put them in a group? I'm getting the feeling that some folks here never used the more advanced functions of "find." You DO know that you can search keywords, don't you? And that you can label sub clips? And that you can combine all kinds of searchable metadata like "Linda," "MCU," "Blue," and "Whatevers?"

And that it would gather your search into a single bin? And that you could make a permanent copy of that bin with a couple of keystrokes?

I'm not trying to be obstinate here, but I'm just not seeing the magic."


Look it's FINE if you don't see any advantage. Stick with what you know for as long as it works for you. IIRC, you're one of the guys planning to migrate to either Adobe or AVID for the future. That's perfectly cool as well.

I suspect with your hesitance to even CONSIDER that there might be parts of the X design that could be superior to what was implemented in Legacy will be a big stumbling block to your learning it. (I personally don't do well trying to learn stuff that annoys me. It shuts down my thinking and makes me resist the knowledge,but that's me - your learning style might work differently for all I know)

Some of us have spent years (11 plus in my case) editing in 7, then Switched to X and have found it both exciting and interesting and satisfying. Others find it a pain. That's GOT to be personal difference or EVERYONE would feel the same about it and that's just not what's happening here.

I'm seeing LOTS of things that I'm doing right off the bat in 10 that never became part of my workflow in FCP 1-7. That's likely because the kind of day to day editing I did wasn't built around a distributed workflow in a high-end house like many here. I've worked primarily in corporate communications and somewhat in Advertising. I've had maybe 20% of my work destined for broadcast, not 100% like many here. For the "production" editor who's focused on speed, efficiency and collaboration as the holy grails of editing, they're likely much better technical editors than I'll ever be. I was concentrating on being the "program creator" rather than exclusively the EDITOR. And I get that those types of editors miss capabilities in X that they had in Legacy. But that's how it is right now.

I also believe, however, that there might be something to be learned from those of us who've worked extensively OUTSIDE of broadcast but STILL in professional video editing, since we daily see a whole other slice of the industry. One that's actually growing a LOT faster than the broadcast sector right now.

I think X fits into MY part of the industry BETTER than 7. Not always, not exclusively, but for what I do, powerfully.

So I'm not really interested in going BACK to 7, no matter how much you tell me that my old tool did what I need just fine. (or even "better" I KNOW THAT. I was in the seat doing that for 11 plus years. Now I'm in the seat doing X. And I'm finding "new to me" capabilities that are HUGELY interesting and satisfying when I sit down to cut a project.

I'll respect that you don't "like it" or think it's "innovative enough" to impress you. Or maybe you feel that it's "innovations" are stupid and unnecessary. Or that it misses out on what YOU need it to be. That's fine. Thankfully, nobody will ever FORCE you to use it. But any contention that what I feel about it lame because I simply can't see how "superior" legacy was is kinda ODD as I've likely got more operation time in Legacy than anyone else I know - as a result of my start cutting with less than 2 weeks after it's intro at NAB 99.

The truth is that I've in front of Legacy in ALL it's iterations regularly for more than a decade and probably completed and delivered in excess of 400 projects with it - so it's going to be hard for you to convince me that I'm not in a position to judge the strength of it, verses the strength of the X approach.

Whether anybody here want to LISTEN TO or give ANY weight to what I'm saying here is totally up to the individual.

And I'm fine with that.


"Before speaking out ask yourself whether your words are true, whether they are respectful and whether they are needed in our civil discussions."-Justice O'Connor

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