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After Careful consideration...

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Greg Burke
After Careful consideration...
on Oct 13, 2011 at 9:36:06 pm

After The release of X-FCP, I was upset, and so were many others, but this last month I took it upon myself to use all 3 editing platforms.

I had 3 projects coming up so I decide to randomly cut each on a different platform. Now since i come from I FCP background Im trying not to play favorites, so I took time out of the equation since i'll be slower on avid, Premiere and X-FCP. that said it was a fun and frustrating experience.

Project 1 was a top 10 countdown I did in avid

(These were selected randomly)

Project 2 was an Commercial Cut on Adobe Premiere

Project 3 was a series of be hide the scenes interviews cut on X-FCP

let the games begin.....

Project 1 - MC 5.5

I was greatly impressed that when importing footage into MC 5.5 it automatically transcoded it for me, being h.264, avi, of mpeg, I loved this feature! it did take time to transcode but is was nice not having to make everything proress for once.

The Bin system was easy to work with and straight forward. The Interface at first glance looked easy to understand. I was able to cut and get my job done, but sadly took notice that Avid (MC 5.5) is purely a "cutting" program, sure i can key frame do titles and other stuff in Avid, but i found myself more in after effects for anything but actual cutting. The interface also seemed extremely cold and dead, I kept getting this vibe of "I can only cut video, go get your VFX artist...." witch in a professional Post house would have been the case. But non the less Avid seemed to only want to cut video, audio adjustments and GFX were something i notice it could do but not as well as FCP, FCPX, or Premiere.

Project 2 - Adobe Premiere

WOW just WOW, I felt right at home with the structure and interface, and the fact that i didn't need to transcode anything was AMAZING! Just import it right in and your cutting. The fact that I could work in After effects and Premiere at the same time was a life saver, I could import a After Effects project in Premiere, and if i need to change timing go into After Effects , Change it, go back into Premiere and boom changes applied. TItles and Keyframes were a snap, and the final project turned out great. Over all Premiere was a little easier to grasp.

Project 3 - X-FCP
I've used iMovie 08 before and felt right At home again here, Everything was easy to work with and although it took some time to deal with the magnetic timeline I got use to it. And the Speed was awesome although I did have to wait for certain clips to "Background render before I could export my project) These were simple cuts and FCPX did it well, however the deeper I got into it the more I noticed how much stuff was missing. I had to cut 6 interviews. Getting these in new sequences/projects to be open at the same time was allot more convoluted that I would have liked. It was obvious that this program was meant to tackle one project in the timeline at a time. The Color Tools were actually not as bad as everyone was making it out to be, Key framing and Title were simple. However when it came time to export out I had 2 options, "youtube and Facebook" I didn't purchase Compressor 4, this would had fixed this issue but why do I need to purchase more software? AVid, Premiere, and FCP all give me custom options, in FCPX these option have been stripped away for some reason. Some of the compound clips options I found fun but couldn't really think of a time i would use them for any project other then to keep my timeline looking nice. It worked, well, but it felt just like any version of iMovie after 2008.

Final Verdict


Avid felt to cold and machine like, I really didn't feel any love from it at all, I could tell that this is mainly used in a Team Environment, Where you have a GFX artist, Sound Mixer, and Colorist ready to give you Final Quick-times to simply place in your timeline. Maybe things well change in 6.0

FCPX was easy, maybe a little to easy, when I needed more control/options they weren't there and I felt that it was easier because of this. But I do need some control for certain projects.

Adobe was Amazingly fast, I never needed to render or transcode a single thing and it worked with After Effects like Bees with Honey. And Most of all I enjoyed Cutting on it.

This is just my experience i went though going solo. Im sure people would tell I didnt understand the programs etc, but It was my Review/test run. Hope it was informative.

I wear many hats.

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