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Re: The Open Timeline and Spatial Workflows -- Another Example

COW Forums : Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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Franz BieberkopfRe: The Open Timeline and Spatial Workflows -- Another Example
by on Oct 13, 2011 at 12:54:24 am


Thanks. I did read your post. So far as I understand it (which I think I do) it seems useful. A couple of responses (some of which already brought up by Herb Sevush):

While it's true that I do spend time labelling my sequences as I break them down, the process of keywording seems like an extra step to me. On the other hand, I still log with pen and paper. I've tried on different occasions to adopt a form of electronic logging - nothing has stuck yet. I mentioned a suspicion of keywording in terms of its utility as a logging tool; nonetheless it seems useful.

Compound Clip - An Extra Category
As far as I can tell, the Compound Clip seems to be something between a sequence and a clip … is this third category useful? I thought FCPX was supposed to simplify, and this strikes me as an additional complexity. But it raises the question - it isn't a sequence, so I want to know what the limitations are (ie the qualities that make it a compound clip and not a sequence). Is this just a workaround when they realized that sequences in the browser might be useful?

[Jeremy Garchow] "… how do you see FCPX prevent you from being able to use a a sequence to organize your thoughts?"

An important question. Perhaps it doesn't prevent me. But I'm interesting in software that does more than simply "not prevent me" from working in a preferred way - it should aid and expand the possibilities of my workflow.

I'm quite confident I could find a way to edit on a moviola or in imovie or premiere elements and make the tool work in some way. There just isn't a compelling reason for me to try. That's where FCPX is.

The meta data implementation seems interesting. And completely compatible with tracks; I think (hope) we'll see similar features expanded in Premiere and Avid. Roles also seem interesting and useful. And completely compatible with tracks. The idea of sticky clips or connections or grouping (or, indeed, "nested sequences") has been used in DAWs as I have previously pointed out and I'd love some sort of implementation of that in my software of choice.


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