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Re: The Position Tool Does Not Disable Ripple Mode - Here's Why

COW Forums : Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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David LawrenceRe: The Position Tool Does Not Disable Ripple Mode - Here's Why
by on Oct 11, 2011 at 6:12:34 am

[Jeremy Garchow] "You move it just a little bit, and it will ripple the timeline to the amount of the space you are trying to move. But if you move the gap completely out of the way, the timeline ripples correctly."

So, getting back to the title of this topic, can we agree that that particular issue is settled? ;)

[Jeremy Garchow] "I think FCPX is assuming that this is a goofy way to do things, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't do it (why not just copy and paste that gap? Something you CAN"T do in FCP7, you cannot copy and place empty space. This is why I like gaps, they are way more flexible and allow much more control than space, including exactly how long that space is in time). This is an interface choice that could easily be fixed, but I'm not sure it should be if you know how to use the tool "correctly". I think they would need to fix it to protect people from using it incorrectly, which happens, just look at clip collisions."

I've done more tests and agree with your analysis. As you move a gap with the position tool, the timeline assumes you intend to remove it and immediately ripples the length of the gap. This is a dangerous behavior and should absolutely be changed. I'll post a new video in the next day or so to clearly demonstrate why.

[Jeremy Garchow] "The position tool is not a script action, but actually is a tool of intent. "

Right, isn't the intent to position objects in time without rippling? Why treat gap objects differently from clip objects?

[Jeremy Garchow] "Make it 24 minutes if you want to. That space will always the same distance between your work area and your sketch area until you don't want it to be."

Until you accidentally bump it while working with the position tool and your sketch area outside your window view disappears. ;)

[Jeremy Garchow] "I do think it forces you to think about what you're doing, not such a bad thing."

I don't mind thinking, but I do like my tools to make sense.

[Jeremy Garchow] "Yeah, the position tool is essential to the tracklessness as it does override the ripple when used as intended."

Yes, but needs to gracefully default to non-destructive behavior when used creatively.

David Lawrence

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