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Jeremy Garchow
Re: I guess it's So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!
on Sep 7, 2011 at 4:40:04 pm

[Glen Hurd] "The DSLR revolution predates the AF100, yet you're disagreement with Herb is based on the fact that the AF100 meets the same needs as DSLR, so who needs DSLRs."

I don't know where you might have extracted this.

My "disagreement" with Herb is that FCPX is not that much different than when DSLRs first came out. It took a while before they became a "standard". I have no idea if this will happen to FCPX or not. Today, it can't be a standard as it's hobbled.

[Glen Hurd] "This is the very opposite of FCP X, where a DSLR has been dumped on us, and our video cameras have been EOLed, while we have yet to even find out what we like or dislike about the DSLRs at all."

This has changed, FCP7 is back on sale. There have been plenty of recent cameras that aren't being built anymore. As I said in another post, if we had more NLE choices that were interchangeable, would we use them more?

[Glen Hurd] "Apple hasn't done anything remotely like this."

What do you think FCPX is? It is a public beta test that is hobbled very purposefully. This is Apple's way. Remember the first iPhone that didn't have any apps? It was webapps only? Do you think when they released that first iPhone that they new there was going to be an App Store within iTunes? Why do you think they did it that way? Why do you think they just didn't release the floodgates of the Apps in iTunes store? They publicly test the waters (and make you pay money for it), make sure the foundation is going to hold and then adjust. This is what I see with FCPX.

[Glen Hurd] "Imagine FCP 8 was released. It's a lot like FCP 7, but has a 64-bit base, can harness all the cpus, can efficiently harness the gpu, and has a color-correction system similar to an $800 editor called Edius. That's it. Nothing else changed. It'd be a minor upgrade, but I'd find it acceptable. Oh, and don't kill Color and DVDSP."

I have explained this before on other threads, I really don't think this was techinncally possible without a complete rewrite. While they were at it, they changed a lot of things around to meet the demand of today and perhaps tomorrow's environment. Maybe they missed, I don't know. It was no longer 15+ year old purchased and patchworked code, it is new code written and designed by Apple.

[Glen Hurd] "Stick with your almost dead video camera or buy a DSLR, but we're not offering any more models of your dying video camera."

This happens all the time.

[Glen Hurd] "No-one is saying FCP X has no future with anyone. We're just saying it's unusable for our everyday needs, and we doubt it will ever catch up - because if it was intended to catch up, it would have been built with a tad more insight. "

Yeah, I've said that I can't use it everyday either. We don't use DSLRs on every shoot, but we do sometimes. I can't agree about your "never catching up" argument unless Apple is completely lying on their public FAQ. Also as I mentioned before, I don't think we can see all of the insight that is in there quite yet as it is a different language. Do you own FCPX? Just curious.

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