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Re: Why the urgency to jump to Avid/Adobe RIGHT NOW?

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Dan Stewart
Re: Why the urgency to jump to Avid/Adobe RIGHT NOW?
on Jul 21, 2011 at 12:20:24 am

I get a -2 down vote for saying FCP is dead when apple EOL'd it. Smells of apple shills.

I took this thread as a serious question that I might have asked under the extraordinary circumstances had they happened when I was getting started a few years ago. Where to invest our time is no joke..

Bill, Chris and others seem to me, and I'm not trying to insult anyone, to have an economic interest in pushing people into unreasonably supporting fcpx. I suspect this is how they feed their families. I don't know.

I learned hard and I do 10 hour days in the UK broadcast industry. If you are going to have a life anything like mine, don't invest time in fcpx. At least for a few years till it has earned your attention.

'New paradigm' aside, it can't interface with any remotely professional setup, it can't even feed a client monitor for Christ sake. Anyone defending it, IMHO, doesn't do 10 hour days with nowhere to hide for serious people who absolutely do not know, care or tolerate an editors problem with their tools.

There have been enthusiastic defences on the cow from students, people who do web video, booth interfaces, virals and so on. For this work you have time and privacy to play and tolerate wilful idiosyncrasy and experimentation. Fine. I'm not talking about that, only to those on the cow who are following the path I followed. Others can ignore or down vote, obfuscate and belittle.

A wrong step in circumstances like this would have really hurt me back in the day ( like 5 years ago). I don't care about the companies in question, apple, avid, adobe. I am no fanboy. But apple are out of the game. They have betrayed the technically illiterate production managers and edit producers and those girls are slow to catch on. But they will and apple will not be forgiven by those who recommended them and are now struggling to explain the situation to their bosses. Jesus, the cow can't even figure it out.

Premiere is, rightly or wrongly, a non event for freelancers, at least in london. I haven't even tried to use it since 4.2 ( and god was it a ball ache then). I just don't have time. Its all avid.

Apple are out of the game unless they fix FCPX fast. And they have shown absolutely no intention to do so. Andreas has been on the money since the super meet and I was worried then too (look at the posts). Apple turned it into a domestic toy. I can almost forgive the desperate excuses and revisionism for Chris, Bill and co - even if it's just cognitive dissonance rather that deliberate Machiavellian obfuscation - we all had a shock at our treatment. I know two post houses in soho that invested huge sums in the 'all FCP futuristic post avid future'. And they were very, very concerned at Apples approach to pro apps for the last few years, but with sort of dissonant optimism you can find on this forum. One sold up, I'm hesitant to call the other because I like those guys and it's a terrible thing that apple have done to them. And there's nothing I can do or say for them.

To sum up: if your life is anything like mine - self taught broadcast editor, 10 hours a day, working for pretty much everyone at some point and only as good as his last job - fcpx is a toy for ambitious iMovie users. There is just NO QUESTION of it being used in my world, and no one living in said world can wait a couple more years to see if apple get back to being serious about pro work. We can't. If you have a couple of years to spare like bill and Chris, or this is a hobby, or you work alone with no pressure, then ignore me.

To the young me ( and the Cow has been a LIFESAVER to me ) don't waste your time with this toy. There's no evidence apple will ever make good. I can't comment on other markets but if you're in London, get as slick as you can with media composer, period. if apple see the light and save FCP studio 3 from oblivion then things will be different.

Ok conscience clear. Over to Chris and bill.

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