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Re: Why the urgency to jump to Avid/Adobe RIGHT NOW? (kinda long)

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Bill Davis
Re: Why the urgency to jump to Avid/Adobe RIGHT NOW? (kinda long)
on Jul 20, 2011 at 8:11:45 pm

I have a friend in LA who's a keyboard technician that tours with a lot of the MAJOR music acts - the shows that pack stadiums.

A lot of artists at that level have keyboard players. Often, those keyboard players (who are VERY good at what they do) play either concert or baby GRAND PIANOS on stage. Clearly lugging a huge wooden baby or concert grand on and off trucks for a touring show is a significant hassle. But they do it because it's part of the "expectation" of the audience.

Old proven tech right? Well, maybe not.

A significant part of his job is to physically REMOVE the keyboard mechanism from the shell of the grand piano and in it's place BOLT IN a modern electronic keyboard.

Turns out the old tech (pianos with strings) are terrible to tour with. The underlying old-school design means constant tuning and re-tuning. And worse, if something breaks, the show stops. A piano SHELL with an electronic keyboard bolted in - means if you have a failure, the techs just pull another keyboard off the parts truck, pull out the screwdrivers and - 15 minutes later the show goes on.

What I'm saying is that at some point in time, the old way of doing things - as successful and revered as it might have been - can be counter-productive to on-going progress.

I'm BORED with the "this won't work for me because it's NOT the way I do things now - so I'm changing to something that makes me feel less scared." voices.

I absolutely get what you're saying. You are absolutely RIGHT for you and those like you that value safety over experimentation - or who simply can't risk on-going work on something untested.. Go ahead and change to something more comfortable. It's a PERFECTLY rational move.

Tour with your piano as LONG as you like - NOBODY is stopping you. It will have ALL the capabilities that pro pianos deliver to allow you to do what you want to do. If the company that makes your current brand of piano stops making them - by all means chose another brand of traditional piano and continue to play what you like.

Just stop trying to convince everyone else that the new-fangled electronic keyboard is "INFERIOR" to a Steinway. You WIN. Okay?

I'll say it here publically, so we can put it to rest. FCP-X is INFERIOR to all the other editing software out there. I've said it. You've won. Your view rules.

Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to spend more time playing with my new keyboard. I understand that it's merely a toy and absolutely worthy of your ire and dismissal - however, just on the odd chance that this first implementation of a new way of approaching editing actually IS a significant directional change and might someday add flexibility and portability and new capabilities that the editing industry hasn't had up to this point, I'd like to explore it.

Good luck with YOUR choice to stick with the tried and true. I honestly hope it works GREAT for you.

But come on. I make my living as an editor just like a lot of you. And I've got to tell you that I'm just barely getting my brain around this change. The one thing I'm absolutely CONVINCED about is that making any career changing decisions (to abandon OR to fully embrace) something this different can ONLY be made once someone understands the subject.

The IM/instant chat/blog world is one where spin often trumps common sense. And great swaths of the public (video editors myself absolutely included) are as susceptible to heard instinct as the people PT Barnum used to extract money from with the big "This way to the EGRESS" sign.

Today, I know VASTLY more than I did a week ago about FCP-X because finally, the smart "non-knee-jerk" voices are having a bit of time to look beyond the instant "it doesn't do X so it MUST be crap" thinking.

Please just let this continue.

Library rules would be nice.

Quiet study is what will make us all smarter here. Not more voices telling anyone else to ignore the new thing because the old thing is all they'll ever need to do "truly professional" work.

Only time will tell whether the new electronic method (keyboard) in FCP-x will eventually be bolted into some, few, or ALL of the touring pianos of tomorrow.

And that's the only FACT that we can all rely on.

My 2 cents for today.

"Before speaking out ask yourself whether your words are true, whether they are respectful and whether they are needed in our civil discussions."-Justice O'Conner

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