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Re: COVID-related internet throttling

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Bob Zelin
Re: COVID-related internet throttling
on Apr 6, 2020 at 10:00:32 pm

Tom writes -
"If nothing else will be examined after this worldwide event by the most hard nosed bean counter for a post production house, the justification for renting a large facility with space for multiple edit suites is number 1. If a firm can use a cool new hybrid storage system, handle proxies well and move everyone onto laptop based edit machines instead of heavy lifting desktops with high energy requirements and save vast amounts of cash by having half the creative workforce work from home or anywhere else, they will."

reply -
oh, I always cause so much trouble. And before I read Tom's reply I read Greg's reply .
I know this is a political answer - but it's the answer.

Coming from MY background (starting in the late 1970's) - I mean WHO THE HELL had a million dollars to build an on line facility ? Oh - I know - rich people. So the film editors would edit on their Steenbecks/KEM's/Movieolas, (kind of like what you are suggesting, where everyone edits on their laptops) and then the "heavy lifting" is done by renting a LARGE FACILITY with space for multiple editor suites that can conform the show. (if I am wrong about what I just said - you better stop me now). So in the OLD days, the film editors would get the one light, edit the show, and go to the LARGE FACILITY to conform and color grade the show. And now, in April 2020, you are suggesting that the "editors" cut on their laptop, and now the "bean counters" will just have to give in to THE RICH PEOPLE that can afford the on line facility, to conform the show back to the full res 8K media, and deliver to the TV network or film production company that has financed the movie.

There is only one thing that has mattered from the beginning of time - how can I get MOST of the money ! What is the cheapest way I can work, and still get MOST of the money. Who cares if it's film, or 3/4" video, or h.264, or 8K (or 16K) - how can I get MOST of the money ? And this is the only goal. That's what .mp3 was all about. It was not "good enough" - but guess what - it became "good enough". Will "proxy" be good enough, when you want to see the latest Billie Eilish music video, and it's released on YouTube in h.264 (ok, maybe h.265) and it never is conformed back to anything else (and maybe it was shot on an iPhone - hey, Selena did a music video for Apple that was shot on an iPhone) -

is that good enough. Does a 16 year old who is watching this care if it was shot in 8K on a RED at 5:1 compression, using AVID Media Composer with a 2019 Mac Pro with dual AMD Vega Pro II cards ? Its GOOD ENOUGH, and she got 3.8 Million views on this.

So the REAL QUESTION of the "bean counters" is "how do we NOT hire Tom Sefton". Because he is SO expensive. Can't we get rid of him and his exorbitant fees ?

The battle is always the same battle. Who gets to keep most of the money. You, the owner of the large facility, the owner of the agency that hired you, or the owner of the internet service provider that allows your show to be seen.


Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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