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Re: How's business right now? (Also, what and where?) And how are YOU doing?

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Mark Suszko
Re: How's business right now? (Also, what and where?) And how are YOU doing?
on Mar 19, 2020 at 3:32:42 am

Nobody doubts your commitment, Bob, or your work ethic. And if that's how you wanna go - face down in the gravy boat - I'd miss you, but it's your call.

The thing about your analogy is, you having a grabber at the buffet is all on you. Like I said, we'd miss you and tell grand lies about you while remembering you after, but we'd be personally unaffected in our own health, as would our loved ones.

This is no longer a case where the only question is about or own medical destinies, though. Everything that's happening now during this crisis is about the health of everyone I love, and the loved ones of people I know and will never know. It is for the literal good of all that the plugs have been pulled and everything has to take a break for a bit. And if careers have to suffer, well, that's what's gonna happen. Today I got the word I'm on paid standby at home for the duration, (That robot camera we put in is filling in for a lot of us and we don't need three guys to watch it ) and to an old Fire Horse like me it feels dammed weird to sit here at home, hear the fire bell, and not work. So believe me when I say I can empathize with your feelings about your craft and your dedication to it.

But FWIW, ... and this is in no way a knock on you or your stance, because I deeply respect you - but, your heroic notion of dropping in your traces like that? I lived it with my dad. Nothing at all romantic or heroic about dying at your desk. At all. The security guard who found him had no idea how long my dad had been laying there when dad went in on a Saturday, alone, to grind out some more stuff on his own time so it would be ready to present on Monday. He wasn't doing it to impress anybody. He was doing it because he'd spent decades putting three kids thru college and paying off a mortgage and only now, at the waning end of his career, was he able to concentrate on making his own retirement fund nut, catching up after helping his entire family all his life. The EMT's restarted his heart but his magnificent brain had been oxygen-starved for untold time and he spent about a week in a vegetative coma before my mom had to sign waivers and take his breathing tube out by her own damn self because he hadn't signed a Medical Will and the hospital was afraid of a lawsuit for unplugging him. They made my mom do it. My mom. There was nothing (expletive) noble or heroic about any of it. All it was was tragic. At his wake, people said a few nice things about his stupendous work ethic, but what everyone was thinking, I believe, was: "what a useless way to die, for something as ephemeral as an office project deadline". I know I was. He still would have maybe had that heart attack on Monday, but at least people would have been around him and might have kept him alive with CPR until rescue came... and my two younger kids would have known their grandfather. Which brings us back to this goddamn virus. And how I don't want any part of that kind of experience for my family, or anyone else's. Not even yours. I wish you only health and happiness and that that face-plant into the Beef Wellington or whatever is a long, long way off still.

Right now, we got bigger things to worry and think about.

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