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Re: AJA will not be on-site at NAB202

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Tim Wilson
Re: AJA will not be on-site at NAB202
on Mar 4, 2020 at 10:20:08 am

[Mark Raudonis] "Much like the Tsunami in Japan was the death of HDCAMsr and tape based delivery, this event may be a watershed moment for the grim future of tradeshows."

Funny, we were talking about HDCAM SR just the other day. There were people willing to pay 10x for tape after the tsunami, but there were other people who said, you know what, enough already. We've been meaning to get around to this for years, so let's just spend that money to finish the transition to tapeless.

[Mark Raudonis] "I predict that this moment is the turning point to the "remote editing" capability that we've all been yakking about for years. The tools are available now. We just need to formalize and legitimize the workflow. It's as much a "human" problem as a technical one."

Yeah, whether the event is cancelled or not (I'll go on the record and predict NOT) that this is going to be the before and after of the show at the current scale.

I also think you're right that what's been stopping us from flipping the switch on TRUE remote editing on the scale of film productions and the vastly-larger scale of production at Bunim/Murray is more conceptual than technological. It has seemed easier to fly people around than actually figure out the name brands to plug into making remote collaboration work, but how this year unfolds might be the push that people have needed to say, enough already. We've been ABLE to make the switch, so let's just do it.

[Bill Davis] "AJA and ADOBE have announced they are both doing what would have been their NAB product rollouts via webcasts. "

Slight modification Bill -- so far, I think that the only thing Adobe has announced is that May's Adobe Summit is cancelling its Las Vegas event in favor of online-only. News about that here.

Over the past few weeks, we have been closely monitoring and evaluating the situation around COVID-19 to ensure we are taking the necessary measures to protect the health and wellbeing of Adobe Summit attendees. As a result, we have made the difficult but important decision to make Summit/Imagine 2020 an online event this year and cancel the live event in Las Vegas.

While we are disappointed that we will not be together in-person with our community this year, we are excited to host Adobe Summit as an online experience.

This is an event that they were hosting, with 16,000 folks on hand last year. I can easily imagine a world where they cancel a major event that they're responsible for, but still attend a show in the same city a few weeks earlier as one exhibitor.

I definitely agree with one of your points about Blackmagic, though: Grant's pre-NAB videos the past few years have brought some of the show's most compelling news. I'd love to see more of this from a lot more folks, whether or not they go to the show.

Still, though, I can also imagine AJA as the first of many. GDC is off, Google Next is off, no Facebook F8, Facebook and Twitter are among the major pullouts from the tech section at SxSW, and so on. My wife is in medical education, and she showed me an article listing 32 medical conferences canceled so far this year. I guarantee that that number is nowhere near the end of it.

On top of all the medical uncertainty (if indeed you're still uncertain -- I AIN'T) is the fact that our business has changed quite dramatically in ways that directly affect the value of the vendor-focused part of the show. NAB used to be among the only ways to see gear in person -- and we NEEDED to see it in person to make sure people weren't lying to us. LOL Or to talk to vendors to take their measure -- is this somebody I can trust?

I remember speaking to a storage vendor in 1995 and asking if their demos were running off drives or off tape decks, and he acted like I insulted him. "Of COURSE the demos are running off tape decks. There's not a drive manufacturer in the world whose stuff is reliable enough to work all day at a trade show. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar or an idiot." LOL

Hey, and remember when we needed to be persuaded that HD was real? I know very high profile pundits at high-profile magazines (one of which is still around even LOL), and well into the 21st century, he was adamant that HD was a scam, that nobody would ever be tell the difference, and that for SURE you'd never be able to get it over cable. (Nobody even talked about it over the internet. AOL was still in more homes than the internet WELL into this century.) But the rest of us still went to NAB to see for ourselves, our own noses against the glass, because nothing else would persuade us.

Same with RED's first NAB. People were lined up for hours just to see if it was real, to see if the pictures were really any good, whatever. Show me.

There was also this sense that we NEEDED something new NOW. As in, all of us were upgrading our computers every year 20-25 years ago, because we had to keep up. If Apple would have offered a new computer every six months, I'd have bought it, and I bet you would have too. Plus this endless array of doo-dads, plug-ins, and all kinds of things that we couldn't imagine. We had to go to EVERY BOOTH to find out wha t we didn't know, and ended the show exhausted, dehydrated to the point of hallucination, and certain that we'd still missed something that would have changed our lives IF ONLY WE'D KNOWN.

It was Fear of Missing Out while being IN THE ROOM. It's insane that anything should have ever had this kind of power over us.

Now it's more like, "I guess this is the year that I can swap out my 2008 Mac." LOL Stuff works. What I have this year will probably work for as long as I want it to.

And if Sam Mestman at LumaForge tells me he has a new box of Jelly for me, I'll believe him. I don't need to sniff it in person. I'll let Aharon demo the new Red Giant plug-ins for me on YouTube.

I mean, kinda the question I have for you folks still working for a living (me, I TALK about working for a living), what do you even need from ANY manufacturer? Sure, new stuff is always fun, but do you need to SEE it? In person?

Having worked for enterprise-class vendors, where salesdudes might make a significant portion of their entire year's number in a matter of days, it's hard to imagine that they won't find SOME way to get together in Las Vegas. It's not like NOBODY from Apple has been going to NAB since the company stopped doing booths on the floor.

And the North Hall crowd ain't goin' nowhere. Building infrastructure takes teams of people from bunches of companies, and they can't haul their gear from customer to customer. It's just more efficient to be in one place. But tens of thousands of civilians tromping through aisles of booths to pick up paper brochures? Not so much.

Bill, circling back to you, I'm intrigued that you're not going because Vegas is a relatively short trip for you, and because you've said that for so many years, you didn't need to see anything on the floor. You went to things like FCPWORKS presentations and user group events, and I agree. I'd long felt like seeing colleagues and a handful of suite presos were more valuable than gold, and the floor was skippable for anyone whose job doesn't require it.

Like Oliver Peters. ☺ Back around the turn of the century, Oliver and I met for dinner on the eve of NAB every year. Even though we both lived in Florida at the time (he still does), it was the one time of year we got to catch up in person. What are YOUR plans this time, man?

I'm also curious to hear from anyone who's of the "Just TRY and stop me from going" persuasion. I definitely remember the days of, "The survival of my business depends on me attending", whereas maybe today it's, "MY survival might depend on me NOT attending."

Also just saw this over on the electric twitter machine, someone @'ing us here at the COW....

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