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Re: The Cheese Grater is back

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Bernard Newnham
Re: The Cheese Grater is back
on Jun 7, 2019 at 10:25:47 am

As Bill says, it's all about productivity - and paying the mortgage, sending your kids to school, etc. In the US, you unlucky people, paying your medical bills. Thank God for the NHS, I've used it a good bit in the past few years.

Anyway - productivity, and profit. You need the cheapest gear that will do the job effectively, in this case editing. Long ago I used to spec this sort of thing for the BBC. Customer loyalty - or drinking someone's Kool Aid - wasn't part of the equation in any way at all. I bought a G4 on a BBC budget because FCP was the best editing system ever.

Some people have to do lots of editing on a laptop to earn a crust. I have, but it's something I really don't enjoy. I want two big screens, a decent sound system, a comfy chair. Already I've started the desired spec. How much will I pay for the comfy chair? As little as possible, provided it does its job. Who will make it? Who cares? How much am I going to pay for the magic box on the floor here that allows me to create art - or just hang a few shots together? As little as possible in order to get the job done. Clients don't give a stuff about what gear you have, any more that what car you drive.

So what kind of magic box do I want? If I was making feature films, a reasonably fancy one - but I would want to spec it myself, and probably build it too. A pretty box wouldn't be part of the deal. If I'm not making feature films, and I'm not, I don't need something that will run 8k with effects in real time, so I can cut the price I pay considerably. If I build, or have built, an appropriate pc, I can have an infinite choice of components to fit whatever spec level I need at the time. If I was starting from scratch the software would be Resolve, quite obviously, because it's a class act in rapid development, and free. Don't care about the operating system as long as it works - I've used lots of them. A pretty box still isn't part of the deal.

It's 25 years since I first built a pc . It's easy, like doing Lego, and the results are very very reliable. Since the first ones were for our production unit at the BBC, and we were turning out two half hour arts shows a week on a tiny budget, they needed to be.

So - I would have thought that anyone in business who want to make a profit, really doesn't care who makes the gear, only that it does the required job. I passed through the Apple world as an independent a few years ago now - a G4 and two successive Hackintoshes. From standing on the outside it's a prohibitive small world, with big walls, like some religious cults. Why pay for some massively over-specced pc in a fancy box running a different operating system (with no CUDA), when you can have whatever you want tomorrow, or the day after, probably for rather less money?

As Bill says, it's about productivity, and profit. I look forward to the first buyer of this machine coming on here telling us how amazing it is - of course it is, it must be because you paid a fortune for it.


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