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Shane Ross
Re: The Cheese Grater is back
on Jun 6, 2019 at 7:12:22 pm

[greg janza] "the business has changed dramatically since I began freelancing in the mid-90's. I'm happy for those that can maintain a premium charge because I agree with everything you've stated but at least in my market, larger economic forces dictate rates and if freelancers aren't flexible they'll simply have less work offered to them."

So...they can take advantage of you and you let them? yeah, I'll need a few whiskys in me to let that one settle in.

I do realize that the market from the 1990s has changed. Not longer can you charge $350/hour for editing, or charge $2500/week for an Avid. Then again, back then, an Avid ran $95,000 - $200,000. Yes, things are cheaper can edit on a laptop and hard drive, but that will still run you $4000 or so. So bill for it. $50 a week...even $25. But bill for it.

I'm damn sure that the company's that are hiring you charge for everything they do. Corporate clients, real estate people, grocery stores, lawyers. Ask them if they are only billing for their hours...and not including overhead in their costs. People would laugh at you.

No, businesses do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to pay less. Send production overseas...cheaper labor, cheaper location rentals. They do what they can to lower the cost of labor..and then say "I saved X dollars! where's my bonus!" Stick to your guns, say "I cost this much," and bill separate for the kit fee. If they ask why they need to pay for that, say "to pay for the equipment I use on your project. This much for me, this much for my equipment. If you want to only pay aren't going to get anything in return, because I can't use my equipment."

They might come back with "But X company over there is cheaper, they aren't charging for their equipment."

Let them go to them. See how long that company actually stays in business. Or see how low the quality is..and the client might come back to you. I have done this...I have been asked to do a job, told I was too expensive. So I said, "sorry, but that's my and my equipment." "But they are cheaper!" "Go to them." 2 months later, they came to me to fix what the other company did. Work was sub standard due to the inexperience of the editor, and they lacked proper equipment to do the job right.

Yeah, it might hurt to not get the job. I've been there, been living off scraps. But you can't give in. Once you give in, then you set client expectations and they NEVER pay you what you are worth, or for the equipment costs, so you are taking that out of your pay. Meanwhile, they are making more money because they saved money on you...and now they expect EVERYONE in that area to charge the rate they are getting you for.

I need a whisky.

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