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Re: All the little things that I miss in Fcpx - that become a big deal

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Ronny Courtens
Re: All the little things that I miss in Fcpx - that become a big deal
on Feb 7, 2019 at 2:02:02 pm


I think everyone knows that I'm a huge proponent of FCP X, I have been involved in some of the largest FCP X integrations in Europe. And I actually agree with much of what you say.

But it seems to me that you haven't been working with FCP X lately, is that correct? Let me go through your points one by one:

When will we be able to select and trim multiple edit points simultaneously?

Agreed, much needed. There are workarounds, but none of them are satisfying.

When will we get a two-up display when trimming with the keyboard?

Also agreed. We have it with mouse-trimming, we should have it with keyboard trimming.

More consistency when selecting edit points with the keyboard, I find the app sometimes will simply refuse to select an edit point, forcing the use of the mouse.

Not my experience. And BTW: using the mouse is NOT a sin, it's a benefit. Using both keyboard and mouse where appropriate actually improves your editing speed. And that comes from a guy who has been frantic about pure keyboard editing all his life. Once you also start using the mouse, you will see how much it improves your skills.

In and Out points at the timeline (not storyline). It would be so good to be able to cut whole sections of an edit by simply marking In and Out as in every other software...

Nice to have, but not imperative. SHIFT+CMD+B (Blade All) already works fine for this.

Redo and Undo for any marking action, as in Mark In, Out, Mark Clip, clear Marks... .Any time I mark or unmark something I am accomplishing an action, so please let me undo it or redo it if I need to!

Same thing here. Just replace any mark with a new one and you're done. No real need for Undo, but could be nice.

Searching for markers when you log a long interview for instance, putting a whole lot of markers for comments, you'd think that performing a search for an element contained in any one marker would bring the playhead
to that marker, thus actually helping you to find said marker. Instead the search only brings up the clip, with the playhead parked at the beginning, and you're left with a whole list of markers to read through in order to find the one you're searching for, thus defeating the purpose of the search engine....

I don't think you are familiar with the Timeline Index. Select Tags in the Timeline Index and you will be able to search for any markers or elements in any markers on your timeline. Clicking on the result will bring you exactly to that marker.

Finding the playhead in filmstrip mode can be a nightmare. When you match frame to an event full of clips
it sometimes is nearly impossible to tell which clip you've match framed to and where the playhead sits...

I find this annoying as well when you work on a laptop. But many of us use multiple screens, and you don't have that problem when your Browser screen real estate is big enough. On laptops, just switch to list view for match framing and you will see the clip you have matched to and the exact playhead position without any problems.

And about matchframing, I believe if you have a dual system audio synced clip you can match back to the synced clip
but then there is no way to match back to the image or audio only original clips, which is sometimes necessary. Has this changed?

Nope, and it would be useful to be able do this in specific circumstances. If this became possible, we would also be able to finalize multicams.

Disclosure triangles in list mode: do they still keep closing every time you go into a different event?
Having to open them each time can be pretty unnerving, the app should remember the state you left them in.


Dupe detection, also such a basic feature...

Don't get me started (-: You cannot imagine how many times I have explained to them why this is required.

Commit (or finalize) multicam clips, also basic...

Same story. Really needed.

Option to open compound clips in the timeline they're at when double-clicking them (it would be so much easier than going inside them, away from your edit...)

One of my pet feature requests. Absolutely invaluable.

Synced clips and compound clips should inherit all metadata from the clips they contain: especially useful when working with double system audio, as scene and take info are usually embedded in audio files, it seems like a no brainer that once you sync up your clips the new synced clips should inherit this scene/take info, making it then very easy to rename them. Instead you get nothing, and you have to populate manually all those fields before renaming. Why? When everything is already there?

Disagree. All clips inside the synched clip keep their metadata. It is impossible to port these data over to the synched clip level because you will have multiple values and possibly conflicts.

Option to create sync clips from the timeline (is it possible? I think not but maybe I'm overseeing something?)

I don't see any practical use for this. Syncing dual audio is something you do at the prep stage, not while editing.

Fix the annoying bug that makes the playhead jump all over the place sometimes when color correcting,
it makes it nearly impossible to work.

Has been fixed.

Option to easily relink proxies.

If you want this for remote editing with proxies, you never should have a need for relinking if your workflow is correct. In other words: you ar holding it wrong (-:

More options for proxy sizes (rasters and data getting bigger and bigger, it would be nice to have more options, as currently, proxies can still be quite heavy...)

Would be useful, but then again drive space is very cheap these days.

Ensure the timeline playhead moves smoothly always, as in not skipping places, as well as timecode displaying every frame count and not skipping (this lagging might seem a small thing but I find pretty unnerving too...)

Depends on your system performance, nothing to do with FCP X. I have never seen this happening on any of the hundreds of projects I have worked with in the past years.

- Ronny

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