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Re: New Blackmagic eGPU

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Bob Zelin
Re: New Blackmagic eGPU
on Nov 1, 2018 at 11:29:11 pm

you know -
Steve Connor started off this thread very respectfully, just mentioning a new hardware product from Apple.
And then some jerk named "Bob Zelin" started trouble ! The trouble that seems to (according to Steve) drive people away from forums like this, because in 2018, editors need their "safe space" where everyone is nice to them.

The ONLY reason a generic forum exists (as opposed to a company sponsored forum, that will frown upon criticism) is to COMPLAIN and WHINE about problems. For me, that is what draws me to open forums, like Creative Cow - to find out about PROBLEMS when the company forum (or the company phone call) says "gee - this is a great product - and we never heard anyone ever mention this problem before - we are sorry that you are having these issues".

My first memory of this on Creative Cow was with Walter Biscardi on the AJA forum. BOTH of us were having problems with Panasonic AJ-HD1200A 720P VTR's with AJA cards - and both of us wound up calling AJA (a company I love) - and AJA tech support told BOTH of us (almost at the same time) that "they were not aware of any issues with 720P and the AJA cards". It was because of Creative Cow that both of us were COMPLAINING and I was able to use Walter's information to confront AJA about the issue - and the technical issue was identified quickly, because THE COMPANY was not able to "B.S" us, because we were on a public forum, and we knew there was a problem.

Since this is an FCP X forum (and will soon not be a "debate" forum) - I will take this opportunity to complain about what many people dislike on this forum - Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere has this incredibly horrible "feature" called Media Cache - which after a few months, fills up, and I don't care if you have the software set to delete the cache after a certain number of days. IT FILLS UP, and if you don't go into the /Library/Applications Support/Adobe/Common folder, and DELETE the damn files in the Media Cache and Media Cache Files folders, your system will soon start to crawl, and stutter, and you won't be able to play anything back, and you will blame your computer, and your storage array, but the PROBLEM is Adobe Premiere Media Cache.

So if this was a "politically correct" Adobe Premiere forum (and I know that most people here hate Adobe Premiere) - then you would say "stop saying such back things about Adobe Premiere - it's a great program used by thousands
of professionals, without issue" - But that is the POINT. The public forum is to expose problems that the companies don't have the time or the capacity to deal with.

When FCP X first came out, and Apple refused (probably intentionally) to allow for a library to be stored on a network drive, I complained very vocally about this right away, and many people got offended. I eventually discovered about the use of Sparse Disk Images, and then thanks to a young lady at Florida Atlantic University, that the use of NFS network protocol would allow for the ability to write a FCP X Library to a network volume. And then Apple finally gave in, after all the complaints, and as of FCP X 10.3, we could all use SMB to write to network volumes, and things were back to normal. Why is complaining about this, and saying how horrible Apple is because of this - a bad thing?

But this relates to ALL the manufacturers - every damn manufacturer in the world is guilty - and is the point of public forums like this to be "nice"- or to expose all these companies ? My beloved QNAP - which I make my living with these days - they make mistakes ALL THE TIME - and I am on THEIR FORUMS, saying "why isn't this working - why does this bug exist" - and I am aggressive, and not polite, because people pay their hard earned money to purchase these products, and if these products have problems that prevent these users from making a living with these products, then these companies MUST ANSWER in a timely manner. And if they do not - well, there is hell to pay.

As I often say in social circles when I am not in a business situation - "I am not prejudice - I hate everyone".

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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