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Tim Wilson
Re: Why one user Switched to FCPX
on Feb 16, 2018 at 11:18:00 pm

[Neil Goodman] "the only exporting we do is same as source - then someone else takes it from there."

Yes, exactly. This is EXPORT. Once the Exporting is complete, a new process begins. That file may move or be copied, but in any case, something's gonna happen to it. It's an INTERIM step. LOTS of things are going to happen after that.

But with Share, the goal is to be done, done, DONE, with the movie I've exported resting safe and sound on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, AND Snapchat, complete with hashtags and other relevant stuff.

I mention that because this is in fact part of the Share feature set in Premiere Pro. This is kind of an Adobe thing, where there are features built into Photoshop for doctors and geologists -- well, there's a huge class of people whose final destination for their videos isn't TV or film, but online platforms who might in fact have bigger audiences.

(F'rinstance, I'm pals with a fashion vlogger. She shoots with pro cameras and lighting in an actual studio with a full crew, and her YouTube channel has 11 million subscribers. That's more than the NFL, Marvel Comics, or HBO, so I'll ask YOU: how many people subscribe to YOUR work?)

So the "Share" feature set is a mini-encoder hub if you will, where each platform might have different rules for hashtags (the number of hashtags, which work on which platform, the fact that you NEED to use spaces on Tumblr, SHOULD on YouTube, but CAN'T on Instagram), ideal aspect ratios, and much more.

Additionally, Premiere Pro's Share feature set includes built-in analytics, so that you can see how many SHARES you're getting for each of the videos you've SHARED.

I'm not suggesting that Apple is dropping the ball by failing to have this extensive a feature set. Nor am I suggesting that Premiere Pro is any way less capable as a feature film or television editing environment because it has robust social media sharing.

But I AM saying that many of the people who Share for a living might never get around to exporting!

And indeed, to Neil's point, most people who Export will never, ever, ever, ever, ever Share.

They are not even vaguely the same. They are almost exactly the opposite in every meaningful away.

And I'm definitely saying that Apple would be remiss if they failed to recognize this. Well, lo and behold, they DO recognize this. You can decide for yourself if either or both of their Export and Share feature sets are robust enough for you, but no amount of robustness in one can make up for deficiencies in the other. Any workarounds are excruciating at best, which is why, as developers understand the world they're sending their products out into, they're accommodating the realities on the ground.

It's also no big deal that Apple is behind on this. They've been behind on almost everything, and it tends to work out for them just fine.

But if it looks to anyone that Apple is running needlessly ahead into yet another avenue of irrelevance for "professional" production, I'll suggest that this is a measure of how much further behind you are than you thought. 😎😂

Which, as always, may have nothing to do with whether or not they're meeting YOUR needs or not. But the market NEEDS BOTH Share and Export, and they're gonna need a lot more from both feature sets, from every developer, and they need it yesterday.

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