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Avoid Banding & Supplement Existing Light in Airplane Hangar

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Adam Worth
Avoid Banding & Supplement Existing Light in Airplane Hangar
on Dec 20, 2018 at 6:56:58 pm

Hello - I’m shooting/directing/editing a low budget music video in a large hangar 10,000 sq feet. It has existing overhead lighting that I’m forced to use because the budget doesn’t allow for re-lighting the space. The lighting was new as of 2 years ago. Pics included - not sure what kind of light it is. Its a simple one location performance video, just counting on the energy of the band and the ‘look’ of the video - no other story per say.
I’ve never lit a space this large or had to correct flickering/banding so meticulously, never messed around much with shutter speed, and my experience placing lighting orders is limited too.

A band will be setup in the middle of this space, This is a fast paced rock song, just a single location performance video that is counting on nice visuals. I had been hoping to shoot in 90 or 45 degree shutter for that ‘saving private ryan’ effect, as well as some slow motion.

I did some camera tests at 4k 23.98fps in the location with existing lighting, came home and looked at the footage, and I’m getting slight banding at 180 degrees, 90 degrees and 45 degrees, noticeable if you scroll fast:

I’m shooting on a Panasonic EVA1, it can be set to display shutter as degrees or fractions. I’ve never experimented much with shutter speeds, and i’ve always used the default camera setting of 180 degrees (which as I understand equals 1/48).
Also on the EVA1 I set the ‘base system frame rate’ as 59.94 or 23.98 - then adjust FPS for slow or fast motion separately.

At base of 59.94 I dont see any banding in the test footage (01:34). BUT I didn’t test other shutter speeds at 59.94. I ONLY tested 180 degrees, and it maybe difficult to get back in the space for more tests - besides morning of shoot.

SO my question
- what can I expect to not have banding shutter and FPS - wise? Is 23.98FPS totally out of the question? What settings should i test first if i have another chance to test?
Will 59.94 FPS get no banding, at any shutter speed?
I’m disappointed to be stuck in 59.94 vs 23.98, but maybe if I can do some faster shutter stuff, it may be ok..
What about 120FPS at a 59.94? The conformed 59.94-23.98 slow motion in my test footage isn’t quite slow enough, but with horrible banding at 23.98 120fps, can I expect to rule out 120FPS?

I also have a totally separate question about lighting this space on a small budget. My existing lighting kit includes 3x litegear litemat 1x1 led panels, an astra 6x led panel (all just for close-ups I guess), an Apurture 300D daylighting balanced joker style LED, about 800w equivalent, and a small Arri tungsten kit - 650, 300, 150..
This is a large empty 10,000 square foot room with overhead lighting, I need something with throw to light the band, in the center of the room, in a small circle. The throw distance from lighting setup on one wall to band is about 75 feet / 23 meters. I would like to have some contrast / dramatic lighting on the face - lit from just one side with just a little fill on the other. I will have some quasar 2 foot light tubes on the walls in the background. The overhead lights will be on. The color temp in the room with existing lighting is around 4500k, and the natural f-stop in the room is about 4.5.

SO my other question
- I was going to get 2-3 800w jokers, and light the band from about 70 feet thru diffusion (Hampshire frost) and 1/4 CTO to get that temperature equal to the overhead lighting at around 4500k.
Is there a better way to do this? Or am I on the right track with a few 800w jokers?
Maybe a better choice in gel? What would compliment these overheads?

Pic of the space:

Existing Overhead:

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