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Re: Need advice with broadcast specs for exporting a animated series. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Shane Ross
Re: Need advice with broadcast specs for exporting a animated series. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
on May 27, 2016 at 5:15:54 pm

[Chris Rozario] "
We have sent two samples for QC testing but both have been rejected. "

QT DNxHD? or ProRes? XDCAM? Just curious

[Chris Rozario] " The latest one came with this note.
"Reject, HD 50i, 16:9 FF, ES/ES,"

OK, as an online editor, I'm confused by this. 50i is 25 interlaced. 16:9 FF (Full Frame)...and no idea was ES/ES is. Maybe this is saying "the 50i, 16:9 full frame ES/ES video you sent lacks this stuff."

[Chris Rozario] "no pre-roll time, no slate, "

Yes..stuff for broadcast requires that you have 1:00 to 2:00 before picture start. The QT can't start at hour 1. PRE ROLL is required, as the spec lays out.

The file needs to start at 59:00:00 and start with COLOR BARS for :30. So from 59:00:00 to 59:30:00 you need to have Color Bars and audio tone. Tone to be -20dB. Then black (nothing) for :10...from 59:30:00 to 59:40:00. Then a slate filled with all the program information they are requesting from 59:40:00 to 59:50:00. Then black for :10...then picture start at 1:00:00:00.

[Chris Rozario] " no M&E"

M&E is, as you say, Music and Effects ONLY. They use this so they can dub the voices in other languages. This is something one usually gets from the audio mixer, but i've had to do this my self too. I simply mute the tracks with language (voice, VO) and export a stereo AIFF or WAV, and then reimport and put that on CH 3 & 4. I also export a stereo AIFF or WAV of the full movie to put onto CH 1 & 2. I don't just output with all of my audio as I edited. I prep the output.

[Chris Rozario] "low audio level (audio peak -19db, loudness level -38LKFS)""

This is where you need a professional audio mixer. Someone skilled with audio mixing, and meeting broadcast spec. Or you need to get training in this. I'll admit that audio is my weakness, even though I do full temp audio passes, I don't have the know-how nor now how to use the tools to get audio to meet spec. When I have done final outputs on my own, it's been for promo work, and the audio given to me was already mixed to proper levels. You can't just slap a normalizer on this and call it a day, this needs to be done manually...just like editing. Clip by clip, as you go down the timeline.

[Chris Rozario] "
Unfortunately we are facing a time and budget constraint so I am unable to get any more resources."

Now, I don't mean to sound snippy or mean here...because this isn't your fault. But this is something that often happens to companies when they produce one kind of video, and then are asked to produce another, and have no experience in that area. The company doesn't know what the requirements for Broadcast they didn't budget accordingly...not time nor money. And they should have done research beforehand to know what was needed. This is one reason why TV and FILM budgets are higher than other budgets...because the requirements for them call for more time and more expertise to be applied. Online editors who know how to read a specification sheet and deliver what is required to meed broadcast spec. An audio mixer experienced with mixing for broadcast and who knows how to meet those needs.

Also looks like you are missing a 5.1 dolby and down mix that the output specs require. Tracks 5-12

These are skills that take a while to master...and no advice I give you today will get you to the point where you can meet spec. You also need to make sure that the highlights don't go above 100 IRE and blacks don't go below 0 IRE. Chroma can't go above 700mV, depending on the network (colors can't be too saturated) That is also something that's done on a clip by clip basis, as well as tools employed to make sure nothing sneaks above or below.

If you've never done this before, and you have no one there to provide on site might not be able to meet these specs. It's not your haven't been trained to do this. The company is the one that shoulders the most blame, for not looking into what was required, and making sure they took steps...and added the time and money ensure they meet the requirements.

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