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Re: NVIDIA Card with Yosemite and Premiere causing major graphics failure

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Doug Weiner
Re: NVIDIA Card with Yosemite and Premiere causing major graphics failure
on Mar 5, 2015 at 3:04:28 pm

One interesting data point that might be useful:

Rendering sequences in Premier Pro Cloud using a Nvidia 650 Ti causes screen corruption while but using NVIDIA 5000 does not. Please note I didn't do exhaustive testing. Awhile back, I had the Nvidia 650 Ti installed and was getting the crashes which I thought was probably due to the fact the cards was a consumer card. So when I swapped out the card for an NVIDIA 5000 card (from an HP z800) and the problem went away, I thought I was right. Now back to the hardware/software details/workflow set-up.

I have a Hackintosh station using Premiere Pro CC. My source files are from HD TIFF image sequences, cut into timelines. (scanning old film). One sequence is destined for an HD ProRes quicktime, and the the other a smaller h264. The HD sequence has no effects, the h264 sometimes has a color correct (Colorista II or the built in Lumeri effects or built in Color Correct tool and a Time Code burn in. For rendering, I use Adobe Media Encoder for about 85 % and Premier 15%.

Hardware Setup:
i7 Hackintosh 3rd Gen Ivy
PP cloud 7.2.2 (v33)
CUDA: 6.5.18
GPU Driver Version: 8.17.76 (313.01.04f01)

Using the Titan 650 TI, I can regularly get screen corruption. I am unsure if I ever got this setup to work at all but I think it worked sometimes. Never on long sequences. Again, didn't exhaustive investigate.

However, using the exact setup about and the Nvdia 5000, I have made at least 500 renders this way - 10 to 30 minute sequences, all with hardware CUDA enabled.

I have very little professional computer training, but I have been alive before there were computers and watched them grow up - meaning this kind of issue seems early familiar to when you push hardware and software to new limits from Vendors or do not share critical info, you get these annoying anomalies for which nobody is willing to take responsibility. My experienced guess, its how the CUDA driver is managing the flow of memory on the card or the flow from the card to the OS. (Like the card/driver sloppily dumping 4 gigs of rendered stuff to the OS and the OS not able to deal with it like - oh shit, I was not built to handle that much data in a moments notice, and the card says, hey you said come to the party with some friends, and the OS says, yeah like bring one or two, I was prepared for a party of 20 people but you brought 100 with you, and the card says, WTF bro, you didn't' specify, and the OS says I didn't think I needed to, who the frick brings 100 people to a party, and the card says, what can I say I am popular, and the OS says, well you can't bring the 100 in here, I don't have the space for it even I wanted to, and the card, says this is bullshit I brought all these friends already I am coming in and then the two start arguing and finally some neighbor who was not invited the party and is quietly pissed about that but was putting up with it all to be a good neighbor because at least the party sounded fun through the closed door and he was getting a tiny bit of enjoyment from that, but in no way is going to put up with all the arguing and 100 people milling about the hallway, so he called the police and then the computer crashes. Its just like that.

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