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Re: Cloud drawbacks as I see them.

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Ryan Holmes
Re: Cloud drawbacks as I see them.
on Apr 13, 2013 at 3:47:42 am

[David Lawrence] "The language in this thread is a bit confusing. We're discussing two separate concepts that are getting mixed together.

1) Electronic delivery vs physical delivery

2) Software ownership vs software rental"

This is exactly right. I've conflated the two incorrectly in my speech as well. Thank you for the clarification.

[walter biscardi] "Apple only delivers their creative software via download. Autodesk delivers Smoke 2013 via download and they have had a licensing model for years. Davinci Resolve delivers via download."

@Walter I don't think anybody in this thread is upset with digital delivery of software (i.e. boxes vs download). I know I'm certainly not. There really isn't any software that I purchase now that I don't download off the intertubes (FCPX, Adobe, Resolve, Smoke, etc.). I'm not worried about digital delivery. I think people in this thread are apprehensive about how they come to own or lease their software. Much like a car, some love leasing, others prefer to own long term.

In all the examples you sight - FCPX, Resolve, Smoke - all of those are purchased perpetual licenses delivered via download. If you don't want to upgrade to Smoke 2013, no problem. Stay on 2012 as long as it runs for you (1, 2, 3, or more years). Make a backup of the .dmg file and you can re-install it as long as the system will run it. If you don't want to upgrade to Resolve 10, no problem. Stay on 9 as long as it runs on your system. You own it.

I like the Cloud as an option, just not as the only option. I am one who tends to upgrade as they come out with new releases, but I realize that that model doesn't work for everybody. Some people upgrade every other version or every third version. I tend to want the new features but I realize there's a good portion of the market that either doesn't need it, can't afford it, or doesn't have the system to take advantage of it so there isn't much point for them.

[David Lawrence] "Here's a a thought experiment for you. What if FCP Legacy was a subscription service? What if when Apple EOL'd it in 2011, they decided to flip a switch and turn it off?

I think this is an interesting hypothetical. I can only imagine how much worse the backlash would've been had Apple de-activated FCP1-7 on June 21, 2011.

[David Lawrence] "Software subscriptions make sense for a lot of situations. But there are also plenty of situations where they are completely inappropriate. As long as we all have a choice, everyone wins."

+1 to this. More options = more ways to saturate the market with your product. In software licensing more flexibility is a win, in my opinion. I'm sure we'll know in another month or two what Adobe will do. There seems to be too much FUD going around right now about Adobe, the Cloud, and CS. They have a killer product in CSNext and I'm excited to get my hands on it somehow in the near future. I'm glad to see that on the software feature side, Adobe has listened seemingly very, very well to its customer base. They appear to have a solid feature set headed our way.

Ryan Holmes

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