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Re: Inherited project: Frame size issues, clips are different sizes but should not be.

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Oliver Peters
Re: Inherited project: Frame size issues, clips are different sizes but should not be.
on Jun 17, 2019 at 6:38:04 pm

[Nina Lucia] "The original project was CC 2019, I made it so I could open it in 2018."

What does that mean? Premiere projects generally cannot be back-revved into older app versions.

All of your frame sizes are very, very wacky. It sounds like the DP shot with an anamorphic lens, which means the frame is supposed to be stretched horizontally by a 2x (maybe) factor. Depends on the lens and camera. If the initial editor created the first sequence by simply creating a new timeline based on the first camera clip - as opposed to using a standard preset (HD, UHD, true 2K, true 4K) - then they've create a world of trouble from the get-go.

It does sound like you have lost links to the Proxy files and/or camera files. However, it sounds like an Adobe proxy workflow was followed. This means that the application generates proxies and automatically (usually) attaches the proxy media to your clips. Therefore, the media clip inside Premiere is "forked" and you can toggle between camera original and proxy media in a largely transparent fashion. But, if you start moving things around, especially if you do something funky with the project file itself, then this media linking gets very confused. Your descriptions seem to imply that is exactly what has happened and that now the sequence links to proxy files as if they were original media (although I could be misinterpreting your description).

Premiere handles resizing in 4 ways.

Method 1) No automatic scaling. A 3840x2160 clip in a 1920x1080 timeline would appear zoomed in by 2x at a value of 100%.

Method 2) Scale to frame size. Media clips are automatically resized to fit the timeline matching either width or height. The image is resampled so that the new downscaled size is seen as 100%. So if it were a UHD clip, then it would now be interpreted as HD. If you blow it up then, you are actually blowing up the resampled image.

Method 3) Set to frame size. This is similar to 3, except that the image is not resampled. Your UHD clip fits into the HD timeline, but the size is read as 50%. So if you blow up the image, you are still only scaling it back up within its full resolution until you are back to 100%.

Method 4) This is for anamorphic projects and depends on camera metadata. I've worked with Alexa anamorphic clips. Premiere reads the clip's pixel aspect ratio as 2:1. When I cut that into a standard HD timeline (1:1 pixel aspect ratio), Premiere automatically applies the horizontal stretch to make the image appear correct.

The "offline" media issue is because the project wants to see both the proxy and the original files, because of the "fork" I mentioned above. If either is not present, then the files will be offline. This isn't wrong, but you need to be aware of it. If you tell Premiere to "offline all" for the missing files when you launch, then it will not look for these files in the future. It may require manual relinking later when you do need access to these.

How are you handling the online? What type of system? Do not expect this to go automatic without some manual correction. A lot will depend on your camera type and how diligent the crew was with properly file names, transcoding odd frame rates, etc. I typically export a reference file of the final sequence for the online editor to use in making sure sizing, speeds, etc all match.

Unfortunately you have a bit of a problem on your hands that will need to be fixed somewhat manually. I would suggest starting by putting all of the camera media properly back onto your drives and make sure everything relinks to the master files. You might not need the proxies. Then see how you go from there to correct the sizing issues where they occur. I hope that helps.

- Oliver

Oliver Peters -

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