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Inherited project: Frame size issues, clips are different sizes but should not be.

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Nina Lucia
Inherited project: Frame size issues, clips are different sizes but should not be.
on Jun 17, 2019 at 2:56:35 am
Last Edited By Nina Lucia on Jun 17, 2019 at 9:45:14 am

Premiere CC 2018 12.1.2 (build 69)
Mac 10.11.6
Anamorphic footage

So I’m new to Premiere. I inherited this feature film project and I had noticed that some shots were having to be resized in the timeline since when they are cut in they are a smaller frame size. They were already being resized in the timeline prior to my doing anything, so this was an existing situation before I received the project. Everything was shot with the same camera, same specs, so they should all be the same frame size. Proxies were made, presumably all at the same specs.
I copied all proxies and no camera originals to an internal drive that I am using, so all media I am using should be the proxy media.

The original project was CC 2019, I made it so I could open it in 2018. Timeline is set at 2944x2160.

Investigating, I see that in the project window there is different info in some of the columns as follows:

Shots that work properly have for the Orig Cam Files - Proxy: Attached, Video Info: 2944x2160 (2.0), Status: Offline: User Requested

Shots that cut in too small have for the Orig Cam Files - Proxy: Offline, Video Info: 2160x1620 (2.0), Status: Online -
AND… just noticing that in what seems to be the original dailies import bins, Day 05, the file name is appended with “_Proxy”, so it seems that maybe they have lost the connection to the original camera files and are only referencing the proxies, hence the smaller size?

I tried “attaching” the proxies for one scene but that didn’t change anything other than have it say they are attached. I don’t want to do anything to make them “Offline: User Requested” since I don’t know what that will do. I don’t understand why or how those other shots can say that and yet the media is still online. And after trying this I noticed the above info about the files saying they are “_Proxy” files.

So… does anyone know how/why this happened and what I can do to fix it? Right now all the shots that say they are 2160x1620 are resized in the timeline, so when I turn over to an online editor it will say there is a resize but there shouldn’t be one. Also, any shots I have resized or put a push in on that had to be ‘fixed’ to fit the frame will have an incorrect value for those since they are being applied onto a shot that shouldn’t have had that first resize on it.
I do have a drive with the camera originals on it, so do I need to reattach these clips to the camera originals in a way that they reference those and yet I still use the proxies for editing? And hopefully in a way that will make the affected Merged Clips use the proxies but at the camera original frame size. I really hope I don't have to manually cut all the problem shots into the seq once they are fixed.

Secondly… the camera files are 2944x2160, the DP shot at 2880x2160 with framing intended for 2578x2160. Since the sequence is set at 2944x2160 we are seeing a lot on the sides that we are not supposed to see. We didn’t know why we were seeing all this camera equipment in the shots until I found the framing chart and see that the sides are not supposed to be visible, they should have been framed out.
So I made a matte to pillar box the current sequence and that works, but then I tried making a sequence with the 2578x2160 setting which matches the framing chart and to my pleasant surprise, I can move the frame side to side and see the parts that don’t show in the frame, so I can reframe without blowing up if needed. Really love that.

Then I copied the the clips from the current 2944x2160 timeline into the new 2578x2160 timeline everything seems fine. Is that okay to do that? I come from Avid so I’m used to Project Settings determining these things, not Sequence Settings so I want to be sure I’m not introducing another problem by cutting everything into a new sequence with different settings.
Also, the markers don't translate over doing this. Is there a way to get the markers to the new seq? Exporting and importing perhaps, like I can do with Avid?

And while I’m cutting things into a new timeline…. the orig audio was recorded at 48khz but the merged clips and the sequence were made a 44.1khz. So can the new sequence be set at 48khz to correct this audio problem? I’m going to need to have it turned over to sound at 48khz.
Original post about this issue here:

So basically I need to figure out how to get all the clips to be the same size (all referencing camera originals?) so I don’t have ‘incorrect’ resizes in the timeline. And also get the audio back to 48khz as it is supposed to be.

Help? Please! ☺


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