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Re: Any TIPS for Slow-Motion @ 60fps??

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Jeff Pulera
Re: Any TIPS for Slow-Motion @ 60fps??
on Jul 16, 2018 at 8:21:19 pm

If you shoot 60fps, and edit in a 60fps sequence, all frames are being "used" already. Therefore, any slowing down of the footage means some frames MUST be duplicated. So if you set clip speed to 50%, each frame will be shown twice. That does not explain tearing, but will get to that later.

So create a 29.97 sequence (30p) and drop that 59.97fps (60p) footage into it. Disregard the request to change frame rate of sequence. And NO NEED to Interpret frame rate - unless you automatically want every single clip to play in slow motion, then you can do that.

When a 60p clip is played in 30p timeline, that timeline is only going to display 30 frames each second, but your clip has 60 per second, right? So what Premiere will do is simply skip every other frame, only playing half the frames, basically treating clip as if it is 30fps. Looks fine. Premiere assumes you want to see normal speed playback so it does this adjustment automatically, allowing you to mix clips of different frame rates together and have them all play normal speed.

Then if you set 50% speed on that clip, that would make a 5-second clip 10 seconds long. You have 300 frames to play with (5x60fps) and 10x30fps = 300, meaning every frame is played once, so you get perfectly smooth slow motion with a new frame played every time, no duplicates. If applying 40% speed to 60fps clip in 24fps timeline sequence, same thing, every frame used once, like the others stated. So then you also export at same frame rate as sequence, either the 29.97 or 23.976 for instance. Clips that do NOT have speed change applied play at "normal" speed, but if you apply the slow speed to select clips, you get that silky slow motion. Good so far?

Now about the tearing - the Warp Stabilizer is a finicky beast. Probably not going to play well with slow motion for various reasons, especially if using 60p clips in 60p timeline, slowing them down (frames duplicated) then also stabilizing, lots going on there!

What I would do if you need to stabilize a clip is this - put 60p clip in 60p timeline, and stabilize. Now EXPORT that clip as 60p using a good intermediate (lossless) codec like DNxHD (.mxf) or GoPro Cineform (.mov). Then, take that new already stabilized 60p clip and put it in the 30p (or 24p) sequence and add your slow motion or 50% or 40% as applicable. Can pretty much guarantee that will bypass the tearing issues you are seeing.

Hope this makes more sense as explained


Jeff Pulera
Safe Harbor Computers

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