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Re: project manager collecting files that don't exist in timeline

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Chris Wright
Re: project manager collecting files that don't exist in timeline
on Nov 27, 2017 at 11:03:21 pm

here's a bunch of project manager limitations from other posts from other people. You may find it interesting:

Ok, we've got a few things here:

I've found C300 footage to be super annoying to work with. For one thing, that camera does "clip spanning" which means while filming, once the file reaches ~4GB in size, it starts a new file. So for a 30 minute clip, you might have 6-7 MXF files, even though this is only "one take" or "one clip."

When you are project managing, say you pick 20 minutes of that 30 minute clip. Depending on where your in and our markers are, Premiere may pull ALL the clips because all the separate MXFs contain data from within your chosen timecode.

This may also depend on how you brought your footage in. If you did it via the Media Browser, Premiere may consider it one clip and no matter where within the spanned clips your footage lies, it might bring over everything. If you brought your MXF files in individually and placed them together yourself on the sequence, Premiere might actually separate them correctly when you Media Manage.

Finally, take a look at my thread here: Project Manager - Consolidate and Transcode problems
I detail some issues specific to the Project Manager that will break some functionality without giving you and sort of error or message, though this pertains mainly to using Consolidate and Transcode, not the "Copy files to new destination" function. I admit I have not used that as much as Consolidate.

A while back I had several issues with clips not trimming properly during the Consolidate and Transcode process. I reached out to Adobe support and was given this fairly comprehensive list of when and why clips will fail. For some reason, this list is not posted publicly anywhere. I've copied it in it's entirely below. I've bolded several line items I feel are fairly important. There are now essential features in Premiere that I skip using (such as the Master Clip Effect layer) since it breaks the archive process.

These issues affect all versions of Premiere, including the current CC2017 version - 11.1.2 (22)

Hopefully this will help some people with project management.

If any one of the 4 major video parameters (frame size, frame rate, fielding, PAR) do not match or are not supported by Preset/codec, then entire clip will copy. If the clip has multiple stereo channels of audio. These can only transcode to QuickTime, all other formats(e.g.: DNxHD) will fail and copy, since the other exporters do not support multi-stereo (QuickTime is the only exporter that currently supports that and only with uncompressed audio) Time remapping is not supported. Will copy entire clip without warning.
There area number of formats/presets that are not supported for transcode (e.g. mostly still formats)
Merged Clips are not supported. Copy of folder structures (e.g.: P2, AVCHD, etc.) is not supported. Depending on format, some files may be left out or other issues. Master Clip Effects are not supported, and will be copied without no warning. This includes all the formats that now have source settings as Master Clip Effects (e.g.: R3D, ARRI, etc.) Audio only files If used in a merged clip. Unused merged clips will also copy. Render and Replace files, even if unused Clips with dual mono (2 mono) will copy, although they may also transcode (this is a known bug), but the project will always link to the copied clip and not the transcoded clip (using up even more space)
Clips with single mono audio will also fail to transcode. Modify > Audio Channel changes may also result in failure to transcode.

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