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News: Veteran Color Scientist Joseph Slomka Joins FotoKem

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Cow News Droid
News: Veteran Color Scientist Joseph Slomka Joins FotoKem
on Mar 26, 2012 at 7:09:30 pm

Noted expert to shepherd advances in imaging strategies

(Burbank, California--March 26, 2012) FotoKem has appointed Joseph Slomka as VP and Principal Color Scientist for the company’s digital post-production and creative picture services. Slomka will spearhead the execution of color science, management, and best practices for FotoKem’s extensive picture production chain, from location services to distribution masters. Before joining the FotoKem team, Slomka served for 6 years as Color Scientist of Sony Pictures Imageworks, managing the color pipeline for over 30 major studio pictures in addition to multiple facility projects.

Slomka’s impressive background includes a master’s degree in color science from the Munsell Color Science Laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in information technology from RIT. His extensive industry experience includes working closely with the Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the development of the Image Interchange Framework (IIF) and the Academy Color Encoding Specifications (ACES). He has also worked with the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Technology Committee, and was a main contributor to the Sony Imageworks OpenColorIO (OCIO) project.

For six years, Slomka was responsible for managing the color pipeline of Sony Pictures Imageworks, planning and implementing workflows, pre-production decisions, onset acquisition and production support, digital intermediate technologies, software development, and archival YCM separations. “My overriding goal is to help artists and filmmakers tell a creative visual story in the most effective way possible” says Slomka. At Sony Pictures Imageworks, Slomka was instrumental in designing the color architecture for several major motion pictures and visual effects integration.

In the midst of a current technology sea change, the creative community is exploring a wide array of file based acquisition devices, large film formats, on-set and near-location toolkits, and content distribution platforms. Mike Brodersen, Vice President of FotoKem comments, “Every choice that filmmakers commit to has visual and technical ramifications. We are focused on arming our creative partners with the most viable tools and strategies to support the creative vision.”

“We are delighted to have Joseph join our team.” comments Bill Schultz, senior vice president and general manager of Digital Film Services, “He is a highly respected color expert in the industry and he brings capabilities that complement our team perfectly. Joseph’s expertise in research, design and execution will provide an invaluable resource for us and filmmakers that utilize FotoKem’s services.”

FotoKem and its affiliated companies, Keep Me Posted (KMP), Margarita Mix/LA Studios, and SPY will all benefit systematically as Slomka supervises each phase of the image-making chain. Unifying the process between subsidiaries will allow filmmakers maximum control over their artistic decisions at all stages, including on-set visualization, dailies, visual effects, and the final master.

“Maintaining color integrity in today’s file-based pipelines has evolved into a complex practice,” says Slomka. “I am excited to find new pathways to meet the creative and technical needs of our customers. I am also looking forward to working closely with the team at FotoKem as we contribute to the evolution of imaging science. These are exciting times and FotoKem has the expertise, resources and breadth of services to reach new levels.”

About FotoKem
FotoKem is an independently-owned, full-service post production facility that has become the go-to resource for the worldwide creative community. Since 1963, the company has serviced every corner of the entertainment market, providing unmatched expertise, high-end solutions and innovative technologies. The company's systems approach to the imaging chain assists filmmakers in successfully bridging production and post, and supports them in navigating the many formats and choices for telling stories. FotoKem offers a broad spectrum of services, including file-based workflows, 3D digital intermediates, digital cinema packages, mobile dailies, global data delivery, film and video finishing, audio mixing and mastering, visual effects, full service film lab, restoration, and production rentals. FotoKem has expanded over the years with the acquisition of SPY Post, Keep Me Posted, L.A. Studios, and Margarita Mix.

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