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News: Prime Focus adds VFX Intensity to Twentieth Century Fox’s ‘THE A-TEAM’

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Cow News Droid
News: Prime Focus adds VFX Intensity to Twentieth Century Fox’s ‘THE A-TEAM’
on Jun 14, 2010 at 7:21:49 pm

(Vancouver, BC--June 14, 2010) Prime Focus, a global visual entertainment services group, has completed visual effects shots for the summer movie event “THE A-TEAM” for Twentieth Century Fox. Starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Sharlto Copley, Patrick Wilson and Jessica Biel, the movie is based on the popular TV series of the same name. Directed by Joe Carnahan, “THE A-TEAM” is in theaters everywhere June 11th, 2010.

“THE A-TEAM” follows the daring exploits of a colorful team of former Special Forces soldiers who were set up for a crime they did not commit. Going “rogue,” they utilize their unique talents to try and clear their names and find the true culprit.

The bulk of the work handled by Prime Focus Film VFX’s Vancouver facility includes shots for the opening montage sequence in which the film’s main characters are introduced and the story of how they came together as the A-Team is revealed. This sequence involves a fiery pursuit scene and the A-Team’s attempt to escape.

Prime Focus created particle-driven tracer fire, computer generated (CG) rockets, missiles and residual smoke. A number of aftermath elements were also generated including water impact and rock debris CG simulations. Another sequence required the creation of a fully digital Bell 205 helicopter to replace the practical element in several shots. Prime Focus was challenged to design the helicopter to appear completely photo real and was so successful in this effort that its own visual effects team had a hard time discerning the real helicopter from the digital version. A fully rigged digital double of B. A. Baracus was also inserted into this sequence as well as rigged digital doubles of other A-Team members. Matte paintings and synthetic skies completed the scene where practical photography would have been too challenging to capture.

For Prime Focus, one of the film’s key challenges was making sure the energy throughout the opening sequence was appropriately ‘amped.’ Said VFX Supervisor Chris Harvey, “The director’s vision was to tell a story of high action and near misses, with the audience always at the edge of their seats. So we were constantly revisiting shots, adding new elements and adjusting the animation to bring up the intensity. In one scene, we were supposed to only feature one missile; by the time we delivered we’d added 16 more! Overall, this project was a lot of fun and we had a great experience working with Visual Effects Supervisor Jamie Price and Producer Ken Wallace. Growing up, we were huge fans of ‘The A-Team’ TV show and Joe Carnahan has done a fantastic job staying true to the show, yet bringing it up to date.”

Harvey oversaw a team of 20 at the Vancouver office over the course of seven months of production. The team’s software toolkit included Prime Focus’ Krakatoa for high-volume particle rendering, Autodesk 3ds Max for 3D modeling, eyeon Fusion for compositing, and Chaos Group V-Ray for rendering.

About Prime Focus

Prime Focus is a global Visual Entertainment Services group that provides creative and technical services to the film, broadcast, commercials, gaming, internet and media industries.

The group offers a genuine end-to-end solution from pre-production to final delivery - including previsualisation, equipment hire, visual effects, video and audio post-production, digital intermediate, digital asset management and distribution.

Prime Focus employs more than 1,600 people with state-of-the-art facilities throughout key markets of North America, the UK and India. Using its ‘worldsourcing’ business model, Prime Focus provides a network that combines global cost advantages, resources and talent pool with strong relationships and a deep understanding of the local markets.

Prime Focus is a public stock company with shares traded in the Mumbai and National Stock exchanges in India (Symbol - PRIMEFOCUS). Prime Focus also owns and operates Prime Focus London plc (Symbol - PFO), which is publicly traded in the LSE's AIM market. For more information, please visit


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