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Re: Sony FS100 Spanned Clip & Sync Issues

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Nate LindamanRe: Sony FS100 Spanned Clip & Sync Issues
by on Jan 5, 2012 at 7:32:27 am

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the reply. I did not know that the EX camcorders also span clips. That's interesting. My main issue (and I'm not sure if this is an issue with my camera or clipwrap or some part of the process I'm getting wrong) is that with the spanned clips there seems to be dropped frames (audio and video) at that 2 GB break.

I noticed this when reconnecting a spanned clip of a performance I'd shot uninterrupted. When I put the two together in an fcp timeline there was a slight, but obvious jump. That makes me think there's a problem with the camera. Why would it drop frames when spanning clips?

Also, I shouldn't have had to stitch this clip together in fcp because my understanding is that clipwrap auto detects spanned clips and fixes them during transcode. Am I mistaken? Their website says that it auto-detects and fixes spanned clips and yet in the clipwrap program menu you can manually select which clips are spanned.

So which one is it? Do I have to manually tell clipwrap which clips are spanned (a huge hassle!)? Or is it supposed to do it automatically? Also, on a different job I used the manual command to tell clipwrap which clips were spanned. However, after transcoding I noticed that the sync jumped out of alignment by several seconds towards the end.

Lastly, I will describe my importing process and hopefully someone can tell me whether I'm obviously doing something wrong, what else to try or if I've simply fallen through a wormhole into a universe where up is down and elephants are pink.

I recorded roughly 3 hours of an event with my FS100 (1080P, 30fps, LPCM audio). Then I made a copy of the card on an external hard drive. Then (using the files from the card which was in a card reader) I transcoded them to ProRes LT via clipwrap. On the card there are 30 mts files. After transcoding there were 30 ProRes files. When I went back through the footage about a third of the clips were spanned. Clipwrap did not fix the spanned clips.

So I noted which clips were spanned and this time told Clipwrap, which ones were spanned and to fix them accordingly while transcoding again from the camera files. Clipwrap reconnected the spanned clips. However, in doing so it threw off the audio sync rendering them useless. Why do I seem to be the only one having this problem? Help!

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