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I have not belittled anyone, David

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Russ Stiggants
I have not belittled anyone, David
on Mar 18, 2010 at 1:49:42 am

I have not belittled anyone, David - if anything the vindictiveness against me is plainly on view. If you believe that Marco's comment of me..."you're the epitome of a worthless, hidden-identity troll" and Mads's comment..."Best Wishes for a speedy recovery..." in the context of his post uphold your 'standards of etiquette' then clearly your understanding of 'standards' are misinformed. Who has got 'personal' here? I invite you to read my first post which put the point that video cameras are far superior than stills cameras when shooting video, and I believed it was important to bring some sanity to the debate.
further, I have not belittled the qualifications of both posters, but merely put an opposing point of view. In my censored post, I made this point: The fact is that kids who are scraping together their dollars to make a not insignificant purchase (and others who may be making purchases for companies and the like) look at these forums for guidance, and it is legitimate for them to know that there are very much simpler ways of making video than using this hybrid technology. As a 'shooter' of video and not a 'knife' (editor) as Marco apparently is, I only want those contemplating a significant investment to think hard about their purchase. In my view as a cameraman over 30 years, this hybrid technology, purchased for its so-called 'video' capability, currently has pitfalls which the unwary, led by the unknowing, will likely result in unhappy outcomes. My intent has always been to make those who are looking at this technology to see the difficulties they are likely to confront. Want to shoot something decent? Use a VIDEO camera.

COW ADMIN RESPONSE: Russ, if we are to take you at your word that you have not been getting personal and demeaning others as you say in this post, then all we have to do is look at this post to see that is simply not true. Working from the back to the front of your post we find: You say "want to shoot something decent? Use a VIDEO camera" as if everyone using things you don't approve of are creating crap. I will never forget the day I called Jim Kelty (a FILM cinematographer who has posted comments to this article) and pointed him to Vincent Laforet's work with the Canon 5D Mark II. Jim was so impressed, he bought one and has using it. Does either Vincent or Jim shoot crap? No. (But you sure allude to that in this and other posts, so don't let facts get in the way of your opinions, Russ.) Then you state that articles like Marco's are for "the unwary led by the unknowing." Marco is one of the most savvy users we know. He is clearly much more aware of what's up than you are, Russ. You slap at these cameras as "hybrid technology" that require less simple shooting methods and then parade out things like the RED as a viable alternative. But we recall when RED had no audio support whatsoever and that users were scratching their heads in befuddlement as to how to work with RED files. It took many users a LOT of work to get it right. (Not saying that RED is a bad option; merely that many good things require work on the part of the user. Why did people use it? Because it gave great results at a far lower price point than the competition. Just like the new DSLRs.) As to personal attacks you called people wannabees and worse in this thread, Russ. We have removed the worst of it all, as we always do.

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