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Re: Blender 2 AE Exporter - having an issue - call for Paolo Ciccone

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chase canadéRe: Blender 2 AE Exporter - having an issue - call for Paolo Ciccone
by on May 10, 2011 at 7:02:26 pm

So all rotation of an object or plane must be done in Object mode.

okay got that and will re-attempt this and let you know what is up.

I'm trying with both exporters now - Yours for 2.57b and Paolo's for 2.49b.

One thing that yours doesn't take into account is the renders size i found out. ie 1920x1080 @ 50 percent should yeld a 960x540 jsx project - it doesn't however. it only see what is set at the full render. that one caught me off gaurd - as Paolo's does recognize it.

a quick adjusment to my render settings and re-exporting the jsx file fixed that problem though.

How ever - i had a much bigger issue with it once brought into AE.

Talking about with yours Berek... no plane - which i take it it is not supposed to show - but the null that was there was huge! and really slow and really off. for some reason and i checked in 2.57.

the null or what ever it is (the red bordered square with a single arrow and a anchor) picked a corner - not the center anchor point to be the center... and like i said it lagged terribly behind the actual motion on one of the swings and was way off angle.

I'll redo the animation - it's a simple animation but the plane i'm using for the AE export is not in the final render. and yes i followed your intructions to the letter for your AE Exporter.

your sample has planes that are part of the actual object - my plane is parrented to the object - but not part of the render. tjhough for the export i had it in a seperate layer - selected with the camera and it as mentioned is way off in many ways.

ps - why didn't you opt to go for the mgx file nameing like Paolo - that is a nice feature of his for sure. plus the place holder or plane being exported is nice too.

Wish i could combine the two... lol

anyhow - as mentioned let me try with both again and see what happens.

maybe i can export the wire frame with the object showing the red square thing..? and you two can see what I'm talking about..

can i do this in AE some way or does it have to be screen captured video...

if i do this - show a video of what is going on in AE
you can really see what i am talking about.

hosting it would be another issue - does CC allow videos in the post? or just rars

- i know how you guys feel about looking at rar files... ;0)

and thanx

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