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Re: Configuring an FCP network

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Bob ZelinRe: Configuring an FCP network
by on Feb 18, 2012 at 7:59:57 pm

Jason writes -
Right now I have a single Mac Pro hooked up to a SAS through an ExpressSAS R380. I'm running metaSAN on this computer.

REPLY - why are you running MetaSAN ? MetaSAN is a fibre software management program. If you have a single user (a single Mac Pro hookedup to an R380 card, running a single drive array) - exactly what is MetaSAN doing for you ?

I'd like to add two computers to this setup, one being a server and the other another editor.

REPLY - so you are going to build a shared storage system, so that you can have a few computers sharing the SAS/SATA drive array hooked up to your R380 card - correct ?

I am going to buy a Mac Pro to be the server. On this computer, I will run metaSAN and this will be physically connected to the SAS. (The current computer I have that is connected will no longer have the direct connection)

1) you do not need MetaLAN or MetaSAN. Small Tree will show you how to do this without this purchase.
2) you need the following card that will go into your server Mac computer - there will be two card in this MAC - your R380 , and this card from Small Tree -

This is a 4 port 10 Gig SFP+ card made by Small Tree. This will allow you to hookup up to four 10Gig Mac Pro clients to your server. They also make a 6 port card, in case you want more clients (6 clients). Both of these solutions will allow you to avoid buying an expensive switch. In the future, if you exceed 6 clients connecting at 10Gig ethernet, you can get a SFP+ switch from msall Tree.

3) once you put this 4 port (or 6 port) Small Tree card into your server, you will connect to each of your client Mac Pro computers, by putting in a single port 10Gig Small Tree card in each of the Mac computers -
this is the card you need -

this is an SFP+ single port 10gig card. Each card will have a static IP address assigned to it, which will match an IP address for each port of the multiport 10Gig card in your server.

So why not the 10GbaseT copper card ? Because there is no multiport 10Gig copper card (there is a 2 port - but this is a short sighted investment - get a 4 or 6 port card, so you can expand).

There is more to it, than just plugging in the cards. Small Tree will assist you in configuring your system, so that it works. Many people think that you just go out and buy these cards, plug them in, and everything just works. It doesn't work this way. Call Small Tree, and they will assist you.

Bob Zelin

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