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Re: Folder Structure and File Naming

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David Esp
Re: Folder Structure and File Naming
on Apr 24, 2012 at 10:51:21 pm

I'm a one-man operation, learning about CatDV, here is my system, followed by a few further questions.

For in-studio work, I have a RAID and corresponding backup drive.

Otherwise I have a number of external drives, each duplicated. NTFS formatted. Drives tend to be client or purpose themed, rather than sequential "Archive" etc disks. Folder structure in each drive is:

2012-04-24 (Acme) Charity Volunteer Day
010 Admin
020 Source
030 Projects
Adobe CS5.5
Intro 007.prproj
WebVid 003 (Veg09).veg
040 Renders
100 Products

  • [020 Source] contains subfolders for different scenes/cameras, music, foley etc.
  • Dates are in reverse order and numbers have leading zeroes to allow simple text-based sorting
  • "Acme" would be whatever client/company name. For personal projects the client is "Me".
  • Prefix numbers, there to provide for tidy sorting, jump in 10's etc. to allow for possible future insertions (e.g. at "015"). Yes I was an old BASIC programmer...
  • [_Projects] are greater-projects, as opposed to application-specific [Projects], which are really sub-projects, and for example in the above it may be that [Intro 007.prproj] in Adobe CS5.5 exports an intermediate Cineform file into [040 Renders] that then gets used in Vegas's [WebVid 003 (Veg09).veg].
  • Anything in [040 Renders] can be regenerated, and thus need not be archived. At project completion, the final products get moved into their appropriate subfolder of [100 Products], which is retained. The whole folder structure (possibly minus non-critical renders) is then considered (and recorded on spreadsheet) as archived.

Currently I record project locations on a spreadsheet. Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily store projects on one disk then move them subsequently (eg following acquisition of a new disk). Sometimes the disk letter assigned by Windows can get changed by Windows eg should that letter conflict with that of some other volume like a temporarily plugged-in memory stick or a new NAS that claims multiple letters. So I guess I also need a spreadsheet of disk letter assignments and a disk letter label on each disk.

It would be great if CatDV could track file changes eg movement (or apparent movement due to migration on/off the RAID, drive letter change, path (file and folder) name changes, project or file deletions etc. I suppose that CatDV could in principle track such changes efficiently if CatDV itself were used to make/manage such changes, as opposed to doing them externally via Explorer/Finder or backup software. Or does CatDV already have such media management capability?

Perhaps the Windows version ought to have an option save its own disk-identifying GUID (probably-unique random signature) to each volume (so it doesn't have to rely on disk letters that can be unreliable and only number 26). Mac OS does this inherently of course. Also, why not have an index file/database just for that volume. Then any instance of CatDV (even on someone else's computer) would be able to pick up the results and allow browsing etc straight away. Then there's the cloud...

Or does it / will it do some of these things I have mentioned?

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