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Fusion or Compound Clip to Reveal Offscreen Elements Upon Transform

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Stephan Mullins
Fusion or Compound Clip to Reveal Offscreen Elements Upon Transform
on May 11, 2020 at 7:39:42 pm

I'm trying to compose several video clips with transparent/black backgrounds against the default black background in Resolve. Then, when they are positioned correctly with respect to each other, bake them together into a single Compound Clip or Fusion Clip, go back to the Edit screen, then apply Dynamic Zoom and some Pitch and Yaw transformations to that entire thing so it moves and transforms together as one object.

The problem is, some of the clips are positioned off of the visible canvas at first, and will only be revealed during the dynamic zoom and other transformations.

To help you visualize: let's just say I've got a totally black background and a 5 identical video clips of water (as if from a fire hose) shooting into the middle of the screen, so 5 streams of water. Then I get a still image of an actual fire hose, copy it 5 times, and position those hoses so their edges are just offscreen, where the water streams are starting from. I combine these into a Compound Clip and go back to Edit screen.

I apply a Pitch of .5 so it "pushes" the top half of the entire clip backwards into space, thereby revealing the hoses which were previously offscreen, and of course the water looks like it's coming out of the hoses.

I tried both ways, using Compound Clip and Fusion Clip. This problem occurs in both: that it's not actually displaying any of the offscreen elements when they should be revealed because apparently the "infinite canvas" you are working with in Fusion or in the Edit Screen becomes a cropped edge once you go back out of Fusion or create the Compound Clip. I can bring a little bit of the hose into the visual area just to test it, and when I apply the Pitch so it should reveal it, I can see just the tip of the hose. The rest of the image is cut off.

I'm sure there is some way to do it, but the main thing is I need to go back into the Edit screen to apply transformations there, rather than applying transformations within Fusion while I still have the infinite canvas. I'm just trying to use Fusion Clip or Compound Clip to bake in all the elements so they are treated as one object in the Edit screen.

I have too many clips to go and apply math to each individual one within the edit screen, so I definitely need a way to position a bunch of things together, bake them in, and transform that huge object as one giant plane, not 5 or 10 different tiny planes independently.

So how can I compose lots of elements, including some off screen, into one object to be transformed, but still include those elements off screen so that when the giant object is transformed, those parts hanging out in the wings will be revealed?

I suppose a potential workaround would be to compose it all within the visual area, and then start off my Edit screen transformations zoomed in so they are hidden, but this would result in effectively lowering the source resolution of my clips during the "baking in" process.

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