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Important Workflow Questions.

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Alexander Higgins
Important Workflow Questions.
on Mar 15, 2012 at 1:04:48 am

Hello Everyone, I have been working with Resolve for about a year now and I love it, MOSTLY, when it runs well and fast, when it is slow, I want to poke my eyes out. The System is a 5,1 MacPro with 24gb Ram and QuadroFX 4800 and a Geforce GUI Card, blackmagic broadcast card and fibre storage..

Here is the breakdown on most all the stuff I grade.

--- Problem1, CG Animation with lots and lots of Mattes ----

Step 1. Layer of sRGB 10bit DPX from the compositing or CG department.
Step 2. Many DPX Luma Mattes. min amount of mattes two or three, most amount of mattes 20+

When I grade with this system all the DPX files are on a Fibre Raid, and when I have that many Luma mattes, the system can choke, big time, the FPS is not the issue its the lag in refresh when I adjust a grade. Sometimes I will adjust a node and I have to wait 2 to 3 seconds to see the adjustment!! Its really horrible, and when I have a client breathing down my neck, i want to commit seppuki.

Question 1. Where is my bottleneck? Do I need a faster Raid? Faster System bus? The playback is about 2fps to 8fps, but that doesn't bother me, once the frames cache it plays back in realtime. How can I speed up the 2 to 3 second lag when I adjust any settings?

Question 2. How are the images loaded in DaVinci? Does it have to load every frame into DaVinci to do an adjustment, does that mean it needs to load the DPX frame and all the LUMA mattes?

Question 3. Can changing my workflow from something like DPX to EXR, where I can get the frame smaller help DaVinci not get bogged down when grading?

--- Problem 2, Too Many mattes ----

Like I said sometimes my grades have 20 mattes, its because of the complexity of doing grading of CG elements with clients. Everything from the nob of a robot to his teeth need mattes because a client wants to adjust it.

Step1. I bring in each DPX sequence and HAND LINK all the mattes to each clip.
Step 2. If I have a new revision of a shot from CG, See Step 1.
Step 3. Repeat, Repeat, forever...

Why is it so hard to relink mattes, everything has to be done by hand, WHY!!! If I am working on 20 revisions of a shot and I have twenty mattes for each shot, thats 400 mouse clicks to get up and running in Resolve.

Question 1. Can I cut and Paste Mattes?
Question 2. Is there anyway to automate this process?
Question 3. Will Blackmagic make it easier to link Mattes?

--- Problem 3, Building Layers and Rendering ----

Step 1. Build Layers in DaVinci Conform Section, top Layer has Alpha Output enabled, and there is a key from that layer going to the output.
Step 2. Put the Background Layer Underneath that layer with Alpha.

So this essentially creates a Decent Comp, my question is.. .HOW THE HECK TO I RENDER THIS???? I mean this is a great tool, but the fact that I can't figure out a way to render that as one clip is soo pointless.

Question 1. Is there a way to render these layers as 1 comp/file/quicktime?
Question 2. If there is not, WHY???? Blackmagic should have that is a feature 3 versions ago.

I know this is a lot of information...
Thanks for any help.
You guys are the best.

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