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Re: Christoper Robin -spoilers- AND YAY KID ARTHUR

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Tim Wilson
Re: Christoper Robin -spoilers- AND YAY KID ARTHUR
on Jan 29, 2019 at 2:24:39 pm

I don't need 'em woke. I need 'em good. Neither was, and the only angst I feel is that I got suckered into paying for the second one after hearing how much better than the first it was.

And it was, nominally, if only because it stepped away from the dead-center mid-life crisis mishegoss to become e Mr. Mom riff. I didn't need those jokes in 1983 either. Okay, half a nod to Violet's storyline, but Elastiwoman's storyline only served to underscore that her character has been wasted. An angst-free fresh-fruit tropical raspberry from me.

I don't have any doubt that every Pixar movie from here on will be better. They kind of have to be by default. But I remain deeply disturbed by whatever is going through the heads of the heads of Disney's live action family division. Those films are cries for help, and I sincerely hope they find it.

To swing this back around to the positive, I can highly recommend The Kid Who Would Be King, a snark-free, angst-free, generous-of-spirit kid movie that's made for actual kids. Not being an actual kid, I'll confess that some of it was a little....kidsy....but not in the hyper-caffeinated, clanging way that most American movies are. It's a playful update of the Arthur myth by Joe Cornish, the British writer-director who also brought us 2011's Attack The Block, one of my favorite movies this century. What a pleasure to see such original takes on genre films! It makes me all the more aware of how rare it is to see movies with genuine heart in any genre anymore, and I say that (again) having enjoyed the best of 2018 as much as I've enjoyed many a year gone by.

Two terrific articles on Cornish and the Kid at

The Director Who Could Be Spielberg. It’s been eight long years since Joe Cornish’s first film, the instant cult classic ‘Attack the Block,’ made him one of the hottest directorial talents in movies. Now he’s back with a modern spin on the Arthurian legend with ‘The Kid Who Would Be King.’ What took him so long?

‘The Kid’ Is All Right: A Charming, Modern Take on King Arthur’s Lege... In ‘The Kid Who Would Be King,’ director Joe Cornish spins an age-old tale into a predictable but exciting live-action film that recalls a bygone era of children’s movies

(The bygone era referring in part to the notion of making children's movies for kids, rather than juvenile manifestations of unresolved issues around the accumulated bad choices of adult men who should just grow up already.)

And this deserves its own thread, but not only was Into The Spiderverse everything a Spider-man movie should be, AND everything an animated feature should be, AND everything a kids movie should be, there were scenes in it that were so beautiful I literally gasped. I did that a couple of times during Without A Trace (shoulda been in the running for Best Picture -- it was sure as shootin' the best thing I saw by a mile last year) and Free Solo (nominated for Best Doc, and would win if I had a say), and yeah, ultimately, just a staggering achievement in filmmaking on any level.

See? No angst. I just need good movies, and maybe all I mean by that is "better than whatever Mouse House is trying to shovel at me". Fortunately, almost everything IS better than that, so it's working out just fine.

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