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Re: I forgot to make an Emmys thread.

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Tim Wilson
Re: I forgot to make an Emmys thread.
on Aug 27, 2014 at 8:30:20 pm
Last Edited By Tim Wilson on Aug 27, 2014 at 9:02:55 pm

No such thing as a spoiler for a live show. Once it airs, it's in the air, so I'll assume that you were joking. People who get on Twitter to shout "DON'T TELL ME!!!" should have their computer rights revoked by law.

The ones who say "DON'T TELL ME WHO WON THE SUPER BOWL" should have their television rights revoked as well. The bar for "smart enough to deserve to watch TV" is pretty damn low...but that falls well short.

TV-watching is a privilege, ppl, not a right.

[Scott Roberts] " why was Philip Seymour Hoffman included in the Emmy's memorial? "

It looked like in some cases, all it took was an appearance in a single TV movie or mini-series. PSH goes a little deeper than that. His first gig was Law & Order, plus the requisite mini-series (for PBS, which I still think counts more as "TV" than HBO...which actually SAYS it's not TV...but an ACTUAL mini-series: 6 episodes, then gone forever), a VERY highly recommended TV movie (okay, HBO, sigh) called Empire Falls (awards aplenty, including Golden Globes and Emmys...albeit none for PSH himself)...

There was also a TV show in development at Showtime called Happyish which actually sounds depressing as hell. IMDb says that one episode is in post, but I saw in July that Showtime was considering a pilot, but they hadn't even recast the central character.

Anyway, the point of these In Memoriam segments is to cast as wide a net as possible, because it's also ultimately marketing for the Academy. In this case, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences....but the one for Motion Pictures does the same thing -- use pictures of these people to say not just "this is who THEY WERE," but "who WE ARE."

And who "WE ARE" here in TV land is people who are cool enough that Phil thought we were cool enough. A big of a tautology, to say the least.

Which I don't begrudge. It's true enough, and any excuse to remember most people is a good one.

And if it's an occasion for you to catch up on Empire Falls, so much the better.

[Scott Roberts] "as much as I loved True Detective, and McConaughey's Rust Cohle performance (I say "Time is a flat circle" almost any time someone mentions time), Breaking Bad was great and deserved everything it got."

Matthew already got his award for Rust Cohle. It's called the Oscar. I guarantee that far, far more Oscar voters saw him in that than his movie. And I think it's completely legit.

That said, even if the last run of Breaking Bad was terrible and these awards were just a victory lap, that's also legit. Not many shows deserve a victory lap. This one did. That the awards weren't just a victory lap is a bonus.

But did any presenters have any more fun than Woody and Matthew? Best intro too: "two actors whose names are on the menu of every marijuana dispensary," and giddy fun to watch.

Gervais wins the prize for best bit, though. My wife observed that his delivery is one of the all-time greatest. I think she's absolutely right. Up there with Jack Benny and anybody else who has used their demeanor as much as the actual words to get a laugh. I miss him hosting.

I DVR'd the Creative Arts Emmys, which I usually pimp every year, but haven't watched them yet. Agreed, Mike, they're more fun for the actual awards and speeches....but wow, what a terrible, terrible affront to the actual ARTS. It actually used to be a lot better. Rough, but not actually savage. Still, always worth tuning in, so I'm looking forward to it.

I REALLY need to start a thread on the MTV Movie Awards, which continues to be one of the true spectacles left on television. But I probably won't because I suspect I was the only one that watched.

Truly one of the most spectacular sets I've ever seen on TV -- maybe the MOST spectacular -- and a level of energy that we can only dream will find its way into mainstream awards shows.

Of course, it's never going to happen, so I'm not actually dreaming about it....but it'd sure be cool. And admittedly, parts of this one were kind of flat...but that's true of most awards shows anyway.

Anyway, I think of myself as exceptionally tuned-in to the music scene, and I was stupefied by how few of these performers I knew. Still a lot of fun, and an epic finale by Beyoncé that people will be studying in media programs for decades. Hell, they'll be studying it in sociology masters degree programs -- a masterpiece in disruptive semiotics, certainly as much as anything I can think of in my long-ish life as an avid, if only semi-pro semiotician. An utter game changer.

You think I'm joking, but I never joke about semiotics or liberal arts graduate degrees.

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