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thks to everyone for the help, just to clarify....

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Paul Harbthks to everyone for the help, just to clarify....
by on Apr 10, 2008 at 8:36:24 pm

Just want to thank everyone for the help, however after the responses I feel i need to clarify since the fanboys seem to come out any time anyone questions anything. I learned on Final Cut Pro.....then went to Avid not by choice but because thats just the way it is in Hollywood right now, unless your a bigshot and can force a studio to use what you want. The studios have BIG money invested in Avid systems and rent those out to movie they really have no incentive to change, in fact quite the contrary.

I say this because after reading everyones responses....what I see is a common trend here and on other FCP or Avid editing forums.....that editors(which I believe if your worth anything you are and consider yourself an artist)....seem like to make comments like....its not an Avid....your thinking is the problem here, and so on and so forth.....thats great.....too bad if you really knew me you would know that I love FCP, I have invested heavily in FCP at my home studio and I REALLY posted the question because I want to push FCP in my next feature film....however I have to convince others, mainly assistants, that actually are the ones that have to deal with all this backend Im trying to wrap my head around the way thay THEY work now with Unity and how to TEACH them that this is a real option and that Avid is not the only way to do this kind of workflow.

That said, they act just like so called FCP editors......they act like they own stock in the company and that their livelyhoods are tied to a certain editing platform.....luckly I feel I have learned to not give any company slack when it comes to my artistic tools.....I can give you a list of things that Avid does better and things that Apple does better and things that Edit do better, Adobe.....ect.......these are just tools.....

I am an editor, not a FCP editor, not a Avid editor......i think we should all remember that before we start making the standard board posts flaming people who have legitimate questions with your love of FCP.......

The best answer I got to my post was what I had stated was my hunch, that you would create projects as cuts.....and a master project would contain all of your other smaller segmented seems that FCS, the way it creates logging in and out of FCP projects, hence locking them from others, this would be the way to go, so thank you for that answer......

ok...enough of my rant.....Ill let you other guys love your tech while I love my art.....

let the rants begin.....;)


Paul Harb-Director/Editor
Wrong Beach Multimedia

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