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Re: A Few Questions About REDAlert

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Russell Lasson
Re: A Few Questions About REDAlert
on Apr 11, 2009 at 5:06:10 am

Sam, as a bystander of this conversation, I don't think Noah was trying to attack your credentials.

I can see where you're coming from, wanting to make the most out of the applications that you have access to. I also think that REDAlert is a very useful app with some mysteries in it. I think your questions are valid.

On the other side of that, one reason why people are telling you to use other applications is because of the history of REDAlert. Maybe Graeme can correct me if needed, but my understanding is that REDAlert was written at a very early stage in the development of the RED ONE to simply interpret the footage to something useful. It received some updates, but for the most part, it's isn't intended to be a final product. Notice that it still says beta. I'm really not sure if there are plans to ever change that.

RED is letting everyone have access to the program for free, just to help out, even though it was originally intended as an internal development tool. They're not selling it or making money off of it. RED really isn't in the software business. They're leaving that to others to take care of. Since there are so many other options now, I'm not sure there is much incentive for RED to really invest a lot more into the program. So the chances to have RED write a manual for the application aren't great (unless you're volunteering).

In regards to your question, Graeme said REDAlert is based on 0% to 100%. 95% means that it puts the zebras at 95% luminance in REDAlert luminace units. You can change the 95% to be whatever value you want, though if you set them to 100%, they go way, but they do work if you put in 99.9%.

If I understand Graeme right, because the camera is based on a 0% to 109% luminance range, 95% on that scale won't match 95% in REDAlert because the maximum brightness is different, 109% in camera and 100% in REDAlert. The assumption that I'm making with this statement is that 109% in camera is equal to 100% in REDAlert. This might not be true, but if it is, then REDAlert 95% would equal 103% in camera (95% of 109% equals 103.55%).

I'm a post guy and don't have daily experience with setting up the camera, but if there is someone out there that would like to test this, go for it.

The problem with the whole conversation though is that there are so many other variables that impact how the footage is measured on set and how it is measured in REDAlert. Things like color space, gamma, exposure, curves, etc, all make this a potential moving target.

I'd just say, use the zebras in REDAlert to know when you're clipping your footage and make color decisions accordingly.


And on a personal note, your previous post made you sound like someone who exercises a lack of control over his emotions. You might consider responding more professionally in the future. Just because this is a forum on the internet, doesn't mean you can talk to people differently than you would if you were speaking to them in person.

Russell Lasson
Universal Post
Ridgeline Digital Cinema Mastering
Salt Lake City, UT

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