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Re: Should I get a 4K monitor or TV for video editing?

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John Rofrano
Re: Should I get a 4K monitor or TV for video editing?
on Aug 10, 2015 at 1:20:27 pm

[Edward Wrobel] "I'm confused. If no 2 TV's show the same color, then why use an expensive color monitor to get the color just right, and then seeing something else on a different TV?"
For the same reason that recording studios use expensive calibrated monitors when making records even though some people will be using expensive stereos to listen to while others will use transistor radios... you need to have an established reference. The makers of playback equipment can determine how far from that reference they want their equipment to reproduce the sound or video but there has to be a reference to deviate from. This is how to measure good equipment... i.e., how faithfully can it reproduce the video or audio from the reference.
[Edward Wrobel] "I only make vid's for myself and family and some I post on my Facebook and YouTube channel. Should I worry about color correction in this circumstance?"
That's up to you. We have people here at the COW who record game play video and they obsess that the red in the game is not the same red as on YouTube. If you don't care, then you should not worry. If you ask a community of professionals their opinion and you are not a professional, and you're not trying to become a professional, then you should take the answer for what it is... it's what professionals recommend, but it may not be right for a hobbyist. When was a hobbyist I made plenty of videos without any special equipment and they look fine to me today because I don't care. They are old videos of my family and I'm so happy to see the people in them, I really don't care how accurate the colors are. I have a feeling you fall into this category... i.e., the content of family videos are much more important than the color accuracy.
[Edward Wrobel] "I do use levels and color curves to my vid's but that's about it for now. Trying to learn as much as I can to help me make better video's."
Do you also use the Video Scopes? That will help you get accurate without even needing a monitor. You can color balance a video just by looking at the scopes. If you are just trusting your eyes while using a TV then it doesn't matter that you use levels and color curves because you have no frame of reference to set them with. Try using the scopes if you don't already.

One final story: I have a Toshiba HD TV that has a considerably darker image than my Sony HD TV. No matter how I adjust it, it's just too dark. I guess Toshiba thinks dark video looks more like film. Who knows. The important message is that whatever TV you buy, it had better be fairly accurate, otherwise all of your videos may be too dark to too light when you buy your next TV.


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