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Re: Sony Vegas Pro Issues

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Brandon S. Payne
Re: Sony Vegas Pro Issues
on Nov 27, 2010 at 6:04:01 pm

Mr. Rofrano,

Thank you very, very much for your reply! As always, you are most helpful, sir!

I took a look at the links you provided for the jobs and internships, and I must say that I am not qualified for any of it. :/ I am willing to learn any program, and have a few Adobe things as well, though I have absolutely no idea how to use them, yet. I don't have enough money at the moment to buy FCP or Avid, but I will work on that as soon as possible.

This is the unnecessary, though not pointless part:

All of my short life, I've had to overcome tremendous obstacles that have deeply impacted me.I come from neither a wealthy nor privileged background, and I have succeeded as an individual. Those who know me, think highly of me. I'm charismatic, easy on the eyes, and I learn fast at anything I have an interest in. If I am interested in "A + B = C", then ultimately I do not care about "C". Why? 'Cause I get so into learning that if I know everything there is to know about "A" and "B", then reaching "C" is always easy, regardless of the differences in the equation.

I've moved around in search of jobs since I don't have a co-signer for a loan for college, and haven't had any luck. I'm 20 years old, and all I ever hear is how I have the potential to do anything in the world, and I hear this from friends all over the world, and family alike. This is painful to me, as I have done nothing with my life, only with myself. I have been so focused on fixing and better myself that my life has fallen by the wayside. In this world a man's worth in the eyes of others is determined by his accomplishments in life, and so I find myself in a bit of a predicament. I've recently moved back home after being unable to make ends meet on my own.

Not only is this a huge blow to my self-esteem, but as well as a strain on my parents' finances. They really want me to move out ASAP, though I'm unsure how that's going to work right now. I am in the hole myself, financially, though not by much. There has been much pressure for me to join the military from my parents, though there has been much opposition to that from my friends and I, simply because my heart is not set on it, and my friends think that potential I have would be wasted, as do I. I'm not saying I can change the entire world, but what I have been doing for a long time is helping change the world around me by helping people the best way I know how, often leaving myself behind.

When it comes to emotions, I am very knowledgeable. I post on a Web site called and I just help people cope with some serious issues in life. The flip-side to this is that I know virtually nothing of the business world. To make matters worse, I have no car and the nearest job opportunities are an almost 2 hour walk away, though I have been trying anyway.

I've always been huge on music and such, and ever since making that little YouTube video, I'm kind of hooked by it all. I LOVE to create things, and I HATE limitations... the limitations I see for creativity lie only with myself in this particular field, which I love. I don't know. It really calls out to me. You know, you're everything I want to be. I always wanted to be a musician, programmer, song writer, etc. Hell, I've written many songs myself, but never really share them with anybody. I looked at all you do, and really. All of them are my top interests as well. I guess that's why I asked you for help in the beginning of it all. Haha.

My point to this absurdly long post is that my opportunities right now are highly limited... I have no experience in this, other than a simple YouTube video. I have no money, no car, and no real support [aside from emotional support] from anywhere else.

I have my heart set on this type of work, John. Regardless of the program! If you have any advice on my situation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies for dropping all of that on you, but you seem to have such good advice. Something you said really stood out to me.

"Never forget where you came from, for you were once a newbie too."

Many thanks, and my sincerest apologies,

~Brandon S. Payne

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