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Re: Render settings

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John Rofrano
Re: Render settings
on Jul 19, 2018 at 12:37:49 pm

[Dirk Wellekens] "My new camcorder can do 4K and 1080p. I suppose 4K might be too memory intensive, so I would think 1080p is the better solution with an advantage over 50i, right?"
You are mixing progressive shooting with frame rates. 50i is 25 frames per second. 25p is 25 frames per second. So 50i and 25p are both 25 frames per second. When you say your camera shoots 1080p what frame rate is that? Is it 25p or 50p? You should render to the same frame rate that it was recorded at. If it's 50p then render to 50p, if it's 25p then render to 25p.
[Dirk Wellekens] "I have seen many discussions about how to render the 50p in Vegas, but most of them are about youtube, internet,... So my question is: what would be the recommended setting to render the 50p material into a final file for storage? I guess I can still render it to a Blu-ray ISO file as well with little adaptations?"
The quality will never be better than the original footage but you didn't tell us what that is so we can't give an accurate recommendation. I would render to the original format. So if you are shooting AVCHD 1080p-50 @ 25Mbps then make your final renders AVCHD 1080p-50 @ 25Mbps. You could, of course, choose another format like Sony MXF and a higher bit rate but rendering to the same format that you shot with is perfectly fine for final file storage.
[Dirk Wellekens] "A final question still: I read 50p is OK, but 25p is often not OK. So, when is the 25p preferred. I read somewhere that it has to do with technical and budget restrictions in film industry, but that doesn't sound to me as an argument to incorporate it in modern camcorders."
Film is shot at 24 fps because it was just fast enough to give smooth playback without wasting film which was prohibitively expensive. PAL video is 25 fps because the AC electrical current in your home is 50Hz which limited the refresh rate of Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) which were incapable of producing an entire frame at that rate so 2 half frames were interlaced (odd and even scan lines) producing 50i which resulted in 25 fps. The two have nothing to do with each other.

Modern camcorders can shoot 25p and 50p because televisions don't use cathode ray tubes anymore and modern TV displays are quite capable of delivering 50 full frames or more. 25p is preferred for footage shot at 25p or 50i. 50p is preferred for footage shot at 50p. If you are asking when is it preferable to shoot 25p vs 50p the only reason to shoot 50p if is you are recording fast moving objects and want smooth motion on playback. 50p produces smoother movement as you might expect. 25p is actually jerkier movement than 50i even though they both produce 25 frames per second which is why many people preferred 50p when shooting progressive.


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