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Re: Vegas pro vs Adobe Premiere

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John Rofrano
Re: Vegas pro vs Adobe Premiere
on Jan 5, 2018 at 8:44:52 pm
Last Edited By John Rofrano on Jan 6, 2018 at 3:05:14 pm

[Jayden Watson] "Which is better, premiere pro or Sony Vegas?"
What is better is what you deem to be better for you. They are both NLEs that are capable of producing the exact same output. It's all about what workflow you like best. I mean it's like Canon or Nikon? Both are great cameras that will take excellent pictures... neither will make you a better photographer all by itself. It's what you do with the tool that counts.
[Jayden Watson] "I have had experience with both editors, and I do like them both, but I do find Sony Vegas to be easier and quicker. "
You just answered your own question: Vegas Pro sounds best for YOU!
[Jayden Watson] "But I've heard that premiere pro is more professional."
What does that even mean? What makes a tool "professional"? Probably professional features like vector scopes, waveform monitors, 3 wheel color correcting and grading, ability to use plug-ins to enhance the capabilities, support for closed captioning if you are in broadcast, ability to use external broadcast monitors, rendering to professional codecs, etc. Vegas Pro has all of those features. How is it not as professional as Premiere Pro which has the same tool set?
[Jayden Watson] "The thing I don't like about Premiere is that when you split, you have to use the razor tool, and then switch back to the selection tool. I just hate hate that, it's annoying. It also takes more work to create a text/title, which takes up more time, and to add on top of that, you have to drag it to the timeline. I don't have problems like this in Vegas, I press S and it snips it right away, and I still have the selection tool on, it also takes less work and time to create a text/title."
That is my experience as well. Everything in Premiere Pro takes several steps more than in Vegas Pro. Vegas is more organic in the way you can edit right on the timeline like molding clay. I never liked editing in Premiere because of this. Too many steps to get simple things done.
[Jayden Watson] "As someone who wants to be a filmmaker, I've heard from many people that Premiere is much better than Vegas, and that is more professional, but why is that?"
Because they want to think that they are professionals because they use professional tools (whatever that means). What "professional" feature that Premiere Pro has is missing in Vegas Pro? You should ask them that. Give them plenty of time to answer, because they will need time to make something up!
[Jayden Watson] "There are movies that have been made with Premiere and none with Vegas."
False! Movies are primarily made with Avid and Final Cut Pro 7 and to a lesser extent Premiere after Apple switched to Final Cut Pro X. There have been films edited with Vegas Pro, Bred in the Bone and The Craving Heart come to mind. The reason most movies are made with Avid is because it has exceptional media management and collaboration features (which Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro do not have) so when you are working with a team of editors, you need those or else you can't function as a team. Like I said, it's all about the workflow. Solo editors can select whatever tool works best for them.
[Jayden Watson] "Overall, I do prefer Vegas because it's easier, smoother, and I like the interface and the layout of it all. But I do want my films to have the best quality possible (it's also in the filming, not the editing, I know.) and if Premiere will help me with that then I will consider switching."
Premiere won't help you there. There is absolutely no difference in the quality of the video between Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro. The look of your video starts with the shooting and lighting on the set. Get that wrong, and I don't care what editor you use, it will not look good. There is only so much you can do in post.
[Jayden Watson] "But which one do you prefer?"
Vegas Pro without question. Through the years, I have purchased Adobe Creative Suite 2, CS4, CS5 , & CS6 because I used After Effects and Photoshop and Illustrator and with each one of them, Premiere Pro sat on my hard drive unused. I would try it with each new release and go back to Vegas Pro because it was a much better workflow for the way that I edit. So I had Premiere Pro and I chose to use Vegas Pro instead.

But that's not the only consideration now that Adobe makes you pay ransomware for using Premiere Pro and when you stop paying, it stops working and all of your projects are useless. I don't use any Adobe software anymore because of this so make sure you can afford to keep paying Adobe once you start because they have you locked in forever.


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