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Script to bake keyframes into layers from IK rig

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Dan Murtha
Script to bake keyframes into layers from IK rig
on May 2, 2012 at 11:43:04 am

Hi all,

I'm animating characters using an ik rig, with the intention of exporting the animation as XML.

I'm currently using the DuIK system, and I am prototyping at the moment but it seems that I will need to bake the animation into the component layers so that each one is moving independently without expressions or parenting.

This script achieves this for traditionally parented objects, but is not entirely successful when attempted on layers in the IK rig, in some instances achieving correct rotation and in others correct position but never both.

Has anyone made a successful script that does this, or does it require some tweaking of the original script? Or is impossible to successfully bake, and I may need to make manual corrections?

I have put a sample of the IK expression below from the 'L_WRIST' of a test 'arm'.



boneracine = "L_ARM";
bonebout = "L_WRIST";
zero = "L_HAND";
controleur = "C_L_HAND";
if (thisComp.layer(controleur).effect("IK Orientation L_HAND")(1) == 1) {cw = true}else{cw=false}
function getWorldPos(theLayerName){
L = thisComp.layer(theLayerName);
return L.toWorld(L.anchorPoint);
function oriente(a, b, P) {
return ((b[0]-a[0])*(P[1]-a[1]) - (P[0]-a[0])*(b[1]-a[1]) );
A = getWorldPos(boneracine);
B = getWorldPos(bonebout);
C = getWorldPos(zero);
E = getWorldPos(controleur);
a = length(B,C);
b = length(E,A);
c = length(A,B);
x = (b*b + c*c - a*a )/(2*b);
alpha = Math.acos(clamp(x/c,-1,1));
y = b - x;
gamma = Math.acos(clamp(y/a,-1,1));
result = (cw ? 1 : -1)*radiansToDegrees(gamma + alpha); V1 = B - A;
adj1 = radiansToDegrees(Math.atan2(V1[1],V1[0]));
V2 = C - B;
adj2 = radiansToDegrees(Math.atan2(V2[1],V2[0]));
result + adj1 - adj2 + value;

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