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Re: Cannot Get Color To Work????

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Redford GivensRe: Cannot Get Color To Work????
by on May 4, 2011 at 5:00:55 am

Listen I understand your frustration but you are talking to folks already using the software and here volunteering their time to help. If you don't like Color- get something else. Complaining about it here gets you nowhere. Noah

This is the perfect place for indignation and complaints about a needlessly complex interface. Maybe someone from Apple will see the complaint and actually do something to fix Color.

I get no pleasure from mastering a complicated program that only slows my workflow. Color is a defective program. Apple should invest some of their big time profits into re-jiving this clunker. You do not have to be an expert to see the flaws in this collection of misplaced logic.

I'll add this. Even the controls that I am able to use are awkward. It is obvious that the people who designed this program didn't think ahead more than half a pace. The controls are obscure and needlessly complex.

You can bet that if a reasonably priced color program compatible with FCP is available that eliminates some of the BS in this program, I'll buy it in a nanosecond. The real problem is that Apple did not create this mess. They just tacked Color on to the FCP Studio, instead of doing the job right from the beginning. Color was not originally made for FCP! It was hacked in and the hack doesn't make the grade.

Computing is a new game for me, but I apply the same principles that I succeeded with in other businesses. Namely a tool better work and work wright without a lot of fussing or it goes into the garbage. In every case I found that awkward tools can be replaced with simpler, more powerful and more accurate devices and usually not costing much more than the junk.


So again- what format are you working with? "A standard DVD format" doesn't mean a whole lot. Is it DV, MPEG-2, what codec- ProRes, DVCPROHD, HDV, etc? Describe your footage as if we can't see your computer from here. Noah

Compressor - DV/DVCPRO - NTSC

Pixel Aspect – NTSC - CCIR 601

Never Trust A Robot

Redford Givens

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