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Re: For those who are interested

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Adam Claude JonesRe: For those who are interested
by on Mar 12, 2011 at 10:19:52 pm

I seem to have found a good way to drive the FW900.
MacPro HDMI out> Matrox MX02 Mini HDMI in> Matrox Calibartion tool > Matrox MXO2 Mini HDMI out> HDfury (converts HDMI to RGBHV)> Sony FW900.
Total cost about $700.

The MXO2 mini is successfully used to convert LCD monitors into grading monitors, so I can only think it will do an even better job with a great CRT (which has true blacks) like the FW900 (which as all accounts say is the best CRT ever made) capable of great color fidelity. The weak link was the lack of HDMI, but the HDfury nicely solves this problem.
Now at $700 am I even close to the next cheapest option? I don't believe so, since the next cheaper option would most likely also require a Matrox MXO2 mini and I doubt the other monitor price would be even close to just what the FW900($100) plus HDfury coast together, AND it would still be a LCD. Correct me if I'm wrong. And what is the next cheapest option anyways?

[Joseph Owens]"Analog RGB (needs external sync) can be fed from a Kona3, but this card goes for about $3K which is far more than the monitor. So would that still make sense? Its probably not hardware-capable of gamma 2.2 and is probably set up for 1.8."

Nope. It has extensive gamma controls actually. It's very well regarded for it's huge array of controls. It's a monitor designed for graphics. It has to have great image control options.

The Kona3 would definitely defeat the purpose. The MXO2 mini + HDfury make it make sense again. :)

[Chris Wiggles]"Secondly, I am not that familiar with monitoring output cards, but AFAIK the decklink, kona, and matrox stuff all do not output analog RGB, so you'd need to add that into the equation, because you'd need to get a component-RGB transcoder, and ensure that the transcoding is quite accurate to feed this display.

If it's a good display, and it measures well, and you have an accurate way of connecting it, and it's in good condition, and you can calibrate it properly, then there's no reason why you can't use it. But that's a LOT of caveats."

Well, I guess the biggest caveat now and still a huge one is the actual condition of the used Sony FW900. But besides that I think I may have a very workable solution here. I was actually able to find a few more threads on 2-pop, LAFCPUG and other forums with people saying they are using the FW900 for grading with Color and liking it.

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