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Re: Whats wrong with my reconform workflow here?

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Joseph OwensRe: Whats wrong with my reconform workflow here?
by on Mar 10, 2011 at 5:09:55 pm

I know that in the manual, it says:

To reconform an EDL-based Color project
1 Export an updated EDL of the reedited sequence from the originating application.
2 Open the Color project you need to update, then choose File > Reconform.
3 Select the EDL file that was exported in step 1 using the Reconform dialog, then click

But apparently that doesn't work. It might be because it is expecting to link to the original source media referred to by the EDL that simply isn't there anymore, or never was. It is operating as a CUTLIST, not actually linking as it would if the source reels, media, and so on were resident and compatible with COLOR. So its linking to a single Quicktime, and then you are changing everything to some other clip... you may as well be creating a new project, for all intents and purposes.

COLOR 1.5 is the first version in which even XML Reconform has worked reliably in any case.
If this was Resolve, things would be very different, since it is primarily an EDL-based approach, rather than XML. I have to wonder if this is a cultural bias illustrating the difference between developers who come from a video production background as opposed to a word-processing/web-browsing environment.

But at the end of the day, Final Cut is the bridge. Pull your baked project into a Final Cut sequence. Cut it using the imported CMX EDL as a guide (lay it under the baked Quicktime and razor-conform the clip boundaries), and delete or make a new sequence. Send the razor-cut FCP sequence to COLOR. You can then revise the razor-cut FCP sequence, export an XML, and the Reconform to that XML will work in COLOR. I don't think Apple has devoted any time to making EDL reconforms a viable workflow, and it would be extremely rare for anyone to use this approach on a regular basis.

Be extremely cautious with Quicktime codecs generated by third-party applications. They are often at variance with how Apple COLOR and Final Cut decode them.


You mean "Old Ben"? Ben Kenobi?

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