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Re: Running Sync to multiple edit bays.....

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Alex Frausto
Re: Running Sync to multiple edit bays.....
on Nov 20, 2009 at 4:55:00 pm

Look how fancy you are with your Evertz automatic changeover in case you lose your output of master black. Throw that piece of crap in the garbage. You are a post house, not a TV station. You need a single black out into a Video DA and one black output goes to each piece of gear.

Hi Bob, thanks for responding. We are a full production facility...Shooting, editing, inbound and outbound fiber circuits, live show playout to affiliates, live flashcam hits with affiliates, live web streams, etc.....To say I'm required to wear many hats in my facility would be an understatement.

What is "series". Series means that you are looping. You take one output from the DA out, and feed it into EACH PIECE of equipment (on the Ref Video input, or Reference Input, and you terminate it with a 75 ohm terminator).

Oops, I meant to say that the inputs to our sync DA's are wired in series. Allow me to elaborate.

As you see from the drawing (blurry on purpose), the sync output of our Changeover feeds the input of the DA card through a BNC "T" connector. This input gets looped to the next input and the next one. I personally would rather feed a DA and then take an output of the DA into the input of another DA. Seems to me the designers were trying to save an output on each DA card by looping the inputs.

Regarding Termination, the KONA cards only have one sync input so I'm going to assume termination is not necessary.

I assume that you are double, and tripple and quad terminated. To see this you need a WAVEFORM MONITOR, not a silly Paladin BNC cable tester. BUY A DA. I am not going to sit here and explain how you can properly terminate the signals, because you shoud not be running SEVEN edit rooms in "series" with black reference. You can also get SEVEN cheap Kramer 1x6 video DA's, and take the single black coming into the room, and feed all your gear in each room with the DA OUTPUTS (so you don't have to run a lot of cables from your central rack).

The edit bays are not in the same room, they are along a hallway through which I ran a single coax that I'm T'ing to the various bays. Obviously this is not the appropriate way of feeding the bays and I will take your advice to feed each bay from a single DA output.

Buy a big analog DA. Or buy a scope, and I will SHOW you how to terminate properly.

A Tektronix WFM7000 is what I use to monitor video levels. I'll gladly take you up on your offer to SHOW me how to terminate properly.

there are PLENTY of protocols on proper sync distribution, but you have no training as a video engineer, and have not studied information from companies like Tektronix and Leitch. You don't understand how to use or read a waveform monitor (or have no access to one), and you don't understand 75 ohm line termination. You don't have a video DA with enough outputs on it to feed all your gear, and you are trying to do the best you can with limitied knowlege, and your silly Paladin cable tester.

I come from a broadcast audio/TV Truck background and am making the move to video engineering. You are correct that I have a ways to go as far as mastering the intricacies of this particular subject. Good thing I'm a quick learner. I have been reading the manuals but clearly there are some things I'm still in the process of fully understanding.

I await any further info you might be willing to share.


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