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Re: Help required for animation workflow

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Rohit Iyer
Re: Help required for animation workflow
on Dec 4, 2009 at 3:18:40 pm

Hi Will!

Thanks again for the quick reply.

Think of 23.976 as a lot more future-proof than PAL.

I'm glad the animation software I mentioned above (TV Paint) can play at any frame rate, so this could definitely work. I must admit, I get a bit confused with these decimal frame rates and "pulldown"! :)

I've started compulsively checking frame-rates of videos that I download. With mainstream HD trailers, as you mentioned, it is typically 23.976. But with independent animation stuff, like on Vimeo, I've seen everything from this to 24, 25, etc. So, like you said, it probably depends on me.

Also, this still means that a PAL DVD will be a bit faster, right? I work on Windows, so I don't use FCP or Compressor. Am I right to suppose that any old DVD software (Nero, Roxio, etc.) can do the conversion?

One thing has occured to me: as your film contains few or no cuts, is it feasible to simply output the project in the various framerates required? That way you'll have a project at the natural rates for all.

I don't think I follow this. As I the animation will be synced to music and dialog, will this not cause problems? Do you mean modifying the audio accordingly for each version?

Also, since the animation will be drawn frame-by-frame, will changing the frame rate not make things all the more problematic?

Secondly, aspect ratio.

I've read about HD camera settings online, so I've been going by that. That might be kinda stupid actually. I've not done live-action (yet!) so I can't say. I was assuming that for the DVD letterbox, I would create an anamorphic DVD version specifically for that purpose, which I'm guessing would actually be 1.78:1. I'd like the online version to not have a letterbox.

BTW, is 2048 a bit excessive in terms of dimension?

Regarding the resolution, again, I just thought I'd go by what I've read. I've also read that with animation sometimes even 1280x720 is good enough as the film grain tends to absorb pixel edges. Also, my thinking was that 2048x858 any way has much fewer pixels than 1920x1080, so the amount of memory and processing power required would be similar and I'd get a Cinemascope look in the bargain!

I realize this might appear naive. So I'd love any further insights on this.

Can you sync an image sequence to sound in Quicktime Pro alone

I discovered this when I got frustrated with the endless recycling and compression stages in my past projects. That basically involved ripping the DVD and making an MOV and finally compressing in H.264 in Quicktime Pro.

So to remove all the various stages in between, I figured out that I could just take the final image sequence, open it in Quicktime Pro, Copy-Paste the audio (again opened in a separate Quicktime window) and render out with H.264 at the best settings.

I did this with my last project and got more-or-less what I would call a master. Since my projects have usually been one minute or less, the size is also pretty good.

I would personally render it out to a ProRes of some kind first

I'm not familiar with ProRes, but from what I've read, isn't it an intermediate format? Like I said my definition of a master isn't particularly great, which is why I'm being such a stickler this time.

In fact, I generally backup the PNG sequence and have considered that to be the best quality, basically due to my own ignorance.

It is sad that there doesn't seem to be a hard and fast way to do these things. From design school onwards, I've seemed to be the only one in my class trying to discover all of these things. I guess that's what makes it kinda fun too! :)

It would be nice to stay in touch during our production process.


PS - Are you British (hence, PAL)? I'm an Indian and so we've always been trained to stick to PAL.

PPS - And sorry if I seem to be over-thinking this. I've invested a lot of my time and effort in this particular project and like any child, I'd like the absolute best for it. I guess it's the same for you. :)

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