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After Effects vs Sony Vegas 8: main differences?

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After Effects vs Sony Vegas 8: main differences?
on Sep 25, 2007 at 11:10:32 pm

Hi, sorry if this is a new-type question, as I'm new to AE.. but maybe one of you who has experience w/NLEs And AE, can help with it...

This may sound like an odd question, but as a longtime fulltime Vegas editor, I'm looking to expand my skills, and thought I'd look into learning Adobe After effects, for special effects and other enhanced skills.

Here I am, having bought most of the AE books and "gone deep" into it... but for the most part, I see very little that I would ever need to do in AE, that I can't already do in Vegas, using the many tools in Vegas, like pan/crop, the keyframing for adding effects, and effects plugins etc..

So my question is, I guess for those who are experienced in Both apps, what can AE do a better job of, than V8, that I should focus on? Because for the life of me, I have yet to see anything that AE can do that I can't already do in Vegas...

(and I've watched hours of video tutorials, from good sites like totaltraining and etc, and read a dozen books/done tutorials...)...

What am I missing? Seems Vegas can do all the stuff AE can do, with very few exceptions... (eg AE seems like you manipulate stuff on the comp window, with a lot of little tweaks, where with Vegas we work w/imported objects on the big timeline, so a different frame of where we focus our energy on, is about it)..

Any tips/insights, from experienced AE users? It seems like I can already do 90%+ of what AE offers already, in Vegas... AE seems like it offers broader control over tiny detail type of things, so that may come in handy...but for most of core bread and butter video production work, with effects, seems like Vegas does just fine by itself.

I've gotta be missing something... *what* ? scratching head here...

(c'mon, you experienced AE folks.. what's the "Big deal" that AE can do, that I can't already do in Vegas, with fx plugins?)



p.s. for 3d stuff, I see the need for apps like ProAnimator, Cinema4D, Maya, 3ds max.. but for effects and timeline based video animations/effects, seems like Vegas is mostly fine by itself...

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